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Welcome to Chastity

Welcome to Chastity

Written by:  SaburoX
Release date:  September 5, 2012


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College Freshman Mei Lau was like any other young woman starting out on her own in a new town, and with a name like Chastity, she didn’t expect much out of the ordinary. Even once she’s introduced to her new roommates, the sarcastic goth Gwen and the warm and sunny Rayya, and more specifically to their outrageously huge breasts, she first passes it off as a joke.

But once she realizes their huge breasts are no joke, she quickly reverts to shock, and Mei quickly overcomes her outright denial of the surreal shapes of her new roommates to discover there’s more to the town of Chastity than she bargained for – it’s populated by hundreds of women with impossibly large breasts.

Official Publisher's Review

The first chapter of the ‘Welcome to Chastity’ saga, one of the longest running stories on the BESC.

This chapter lays a lot of good groundwork. The opening is atmospheric and the scene setting solid, with artist Portal Comic showing off his ability to draw more complex backgrounds and layouts that really bring the town of Chastity to life. We’re introduced to our three main characters and get a good look at their personalities courtesy of Saburo X’s dialogue and writing. The petite, down-to-earth newcomer Mei contrasts well with the dour goth Gwen and the brighter Rayya.  Their character designs also help establish their character to great effect.

Big breasts abound, ranging from double Ds to basketball bosoms. There’s no BE or overt eroticism n evidence yet, but the sheer excess of oversized breasts on the page helps to make up for it. While it isn’t the strongest stand alone piece, Welcome to Chastity I works effectively as a setup for things to come, and ends on a cliffhanger that leaves the reader wanting to know more. Overall it’s a good introduction to the world of Chastity, and its slow start helps the reader develop a stronger connection to the characters which will make later chapters all the more rewarding to read.



  • DDalltheway

    This has to be my absolute number one favorite series on here, great art and interesting story

  • tornapart

    Whoever are the people who illustrate and write these comics are a perfect combination of ingenuity and artistic excellence.

  • ding_dong

    I like this comic it has a nice story and excellent art work, but again it needs more growth details.

  • MisterB

    I don’t speak up very often, but I will say that the Welcome To Chastity series is one of the best story/stories that I’ve found in the BE community, and one of the few reasons that I continue to subscribe to the BESC.

    The combination of storyline and artwork is exactly what I’m looking for. I hope to see more, whether it be within the BESC or elsewhere. Please – keep up the good work.

  • sickboy

    Finish it, please. =)

  • sixfootsam

    This is an amzing series, just wish you guys would post the next part! cant wait!

  • Mod

    I think is the best breast expansion comic i’ve ever read in internet, the most complete, interesting and sexy. Please, continue updating this, and if SaburoX have more stories like this, please, publish them!!

  • Drakey D.

    This is the best story ever I want to read more from SaburoX