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Unstable Assets

Unstable Assets

Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Portalcomic
Release date:  March 5, 2008

Thief Suki steals a magical concoction and experiments with it on herself, causing her breasts to grow significantly. She then decides to use her newly acquired assets to seduce the mighty Lord Cuthbert. Will Cuthbert fall for her charm?

Official Publisher's Review

One of the first BotComics comics that explores multiple transformations at once! You cannot miss this epic story, jam-packed with all levels of Breast Expansion (From mild to immobilizing boobs), and Giantess growth. The muscle lovers also get a treat, as well as the futanari enthusiasts with some cock expansion sprinkled in the way. Other transformations like nipple growth, hair growth, and shrinking have their moment in this amazing fantasy medieval series full of sex scenes, orgies, cum, domination and growing girls all over the place. Be sure to grab your copy of this BotComics classic.