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Tera the Succubi Shoe Seller

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  February 26, 2014


Age Rating



Tera is a succubi and as such knows how to see into the souls of both men and women. She may be part demoness but for much of the day in her current job, Tera keeps the horns and tail discreetly hidden and uses her beauty and charm to not just help the customers find what they need but have them leave fully satisfied in every way.

She has worked the small shoe store in the mall ever since meeting the man who runs it and realizing that the combination of her influence with people and his amazing shoes can not just release the sexual thrills many people hold within, but also physically alter them to better serve that sexual thrill, whatever it may involve. Today, she is helping a mother and her daughter, an average shoe shopping trip turned and twisted but in a way both very much will enjoy.

However, someone has a suspicion about Tera and now mall security and a nosey mall neighbor may just challenge Tera’s skills and influence in entirely new ways.