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Super BEro Origins

Super BEro Origins

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Characters:  Super BEro
Release date:  December 31, 2014


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



The world is a crazy place. It is a even crazier place if superheroes and villains to battle daily. Terri and her partner are cops in this insane world. On one “normal” day, a battle between Doom Dame and Ms. Power goes awry. Terri is hurt because of said accident and decides to go home. A normal police woman can only take so much. While on the journey home Terri feels a tightness around her chest….

Official Publisher's Review

Super BEro Origins is the first issue of the Super BEro series. The story tells the origin if a woman with extraordinary breasts. Readers will enjoy the detailed breast expansion that Super BEro Origins contains!



  • MrMelons

    This had a great process to it, I highly recommend buying this comic!

  • kong

    looks nice if it has height growth too !

  • MrMelons

    This looks awesome! I love the concept and preview so far, I only wish it could come out sooner :D