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Spells R Us: Cherie on Top

Spells R Us: Cherie on Top

Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  September 7, 2018


Age Rating



Double Scoops, an ice cream shop with a retro theme, isn’t a bad place to work for Cherie. The only real downside is that the walls are often adorned with scantily clad girls, despite her efforts to convince her old-fashioned boss that he shouldn’t objectify women. When the shop runs out of everyone’s favorite topping, Cherie rushes out to replenish the supply of cherries. Forced to turn to a mysterious shopkeeper, will Cherie unwittingly unleash an epidemic of aphrodisiacs on an unsuspecting mall?

Official Publisher's Review

Time to head back to the mall! In this latest installment of xCuervos’ take on the Spells R Us experience, we head to an ice cream parlor where we meet Cherie, the next unsuspecting character to experience the magic of expansion. As always, the story is well-crafted, and the characters are endearing and engaging. It doesn’t take long for Cherie to change her perceptions of sexism once she samples the ever-diversifying wares of Spells R Us. A fun twist is added at the end that is a bit of a departure from previous xCuervos expansion experiences, but certainly a pleasant surprise and leaves the reader wanting more. SRU: Cherie on Top is an enjoyable and lighthearted expansion romp. Cameos of past characters provide a delightful continuity and a desire to revisit past stories to enjoy those characters all over again. xCuervos does an excellent job of building on this fun expansion mall universe, creating a desire to know more about what other stories this special mall has to offer.



  • genhgis

    Dang 8 months and no updates. I’m assuming this series is dead?

    • content

      We apologize for this delay, the series is still ongoing and the next chapter is coming up soon! Stay tuned.