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Show, Don’t Tell


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Show, Don’t Tell

Written by:  Qzar9999
Illustrated by:  Mapache
Release date:  February 25, 2015


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



At a boring day on the job, Chris is telling Lexi about the giantess stories he’s been writing lately. She doesn’t get the whole giantess “thing,” so he tries to explain the fetish…unaware that their conversation is having a very big impact on their coworker Jenny. After all, why try to give a lengthy explanation when a picture is worth a thousand words?

Official Publisher's Review

In this amusing short tale (inspired by a real conversation the author had), Qzar takes a familiar adage and demonstrates how it applies to giantess stories. Chris and Lexi are completely oblivious to the effect their words are having on their petite coworker and, at first, so is she–but it’s not long before the issue gets too big to ignore. Fans of growth and building destruction should enjoy Jenny’s journey into the realm of giantess fiction.