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Shoes to Fill – Pumped and Pimped – AudioBook
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Shoes to Fill – Pumped and Pimped – AudioBook

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  October 13, 2011


Breast Expansion
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April is running late for an important interview one day. She’s always been a studious college student but on this day everything seems to be going wrong. She is late, she had trouble finding a parking spot at the mall where the office building is located, and then to top things off, she trips and breaks her heel, skuffing up her perfect inteview shoes. This is not a good day.

Fortunately, April finds her path in life dramatically altered by a friendly shoe store owner and some amazing new pumps that seem perfectly made for her feet. Every step she takes in these new shoes is like an orgasm, and soon every climax is making a certain part of her swell until her future career goals are quite clear, and quite different from her past thoughts and plans.

April may not have the interview go quite the way she had planned, but one thing is sure, she will definitely be pumped for her new job.