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Rent Money
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Rent Money

Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Edgar Rodríguez
Release date:  August 16, 2017


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Marcy is in desperate need of rent money, when she finds an ad for a wet t-shirt contest at a popular strip club.  Both winners and losers are advertised to get prize money, and college girls get double.  Out of options, and despite her average body, she signs up.  Stuck in an old, unused dressing room, she finds a bottle of glitter lotion, guaranteed to enhance her performance.  Once on stage, Marcy finds out what it’s like to stand out in any crowd as her proportions grow beyond big!

Official Publisher's Review

Rent Money is the story of Marcy, a typical college girl who can’t make this month’s rent.  She has a daring streak, and enters a wet t-shirt contest in hopes of taking home some prize money.  After being stuck with an old, dilapidated dressing room, she finds a mysterious bottle of glittery lotion. On stage, Marcy’s world begins to change.  Her curves explode into huge proportions, and she takes home the grand prize.  Sam, a girl from school who is used to winning these competitions, can hardly believe her eyes until she spots a golden glow emanating from Marcy’s dressing room…