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Red Pill

Red Pill

Written by:  Keedorah
Illustrated by:  Hernan Cabrera , Mariano Navarro
Release date:  December 2, 2009


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Luke is an average man, living an average life in the year 2029. That is, until he tries a revolutionary drug that allows him to “live out” his fantasies.



  • deandre

    Iam still waiting on Red Pill Part 2!

  • Unddfitr

    Easily my favorite one so far, its nice to see a greater focus on “she’s big” and not “she’s getting big”

    Really cool scifi, would love to see it continue :)

  • anime2k3

    This was the main and only reason i joined this site. Simply to get this one comic. She is incredibly sexy and i love her attitude. please continue to use her in the next part and keep those sexy stockings for a little while longer, love em.

    I hope she gets a little bigger in the next one and there’s some hard vore.

  • anime2k3

    perfect. loved the evil giantess. please continue. love to see some hard vore and anal insertion

  • deandre

    I want to see A Red Pill Part 2 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lenny37

    The ONLY comic with vore? Gee… Growth is all fine and good, but haven’t those guys gotten their share already?

  • dre308

    I”m new to this site, and this was the very first story I have read. I loved the art work. I like the fact that the giantess had dark hair, tattoos and a noise pierceing. I wouldn’t consider her a evil giantess,considering how the story is written, she appears to be a woman who is tried of her tried ass boyfried. He knows that she is pissed off at him so when he take the pill and dreams her as a giantess, her anger is manifested in his fantacy. Even though the giantess did look hot with thise black and white stockings, I would have love to see her crush barefooted. Hopefully will see some barefoot crushing in chapter two…. just not some poor guy doing his job.

  • lhg1985

    Great! Can someone please write and illustrate a comic where a woman wants to grow tall for her husband so she buys growth pills from an internet site. She then ignores the instructions and takes the entire bottle, not only does she do that but she eats a big mcdonalds meal and milkshake to wash the pills down. When she gets home and proceeds to have sex with her husband she starts to get fat and tall at the same time, and her husban loves it and wants her to get bigger and fatter.

  • Crshfury

    I actually like evil giantesses who like to crush their victims. So I give it two stars for a promising beginning. She evil enough and the crush scene is nice, but I’d really like to see her crushing barefoot and really enjoying it. Maybe a five star comic in the making, but not yet.

  • alexbo

    fantastic story, i can’t wait for more

  • geazer

    I liked the outfit, and her attitude, hope to see more of this one.

  • jonmav

    I love this giantess and her tats. Nicely done hope to see a continuation.

  • lilt520

    giantess is ok. finally they show foot crush but with socks=(. concept is good but short giantess scene.

  • wildcard

    I would have expected better than this – truely a disappointment.

    Just my personal opinion. :-(

  • newragex

    This is what I have been waiting for. I like the growth part but I am tired of ten pages of growth then nothing. I hope this continues on. And the stockings are emensly hot. way to go with this one.

  • MK7000

    I don’t mind the poof scene. I just wish she was barefoot with out any long socks on. I wish there were more scenes of her walking or dancing in the city.

  • MegaGod1

    I’d rate this a star higher, but given that we haven’t had a prior story continued, this interesting story concept and build-up will likely all be for nothing.

  • Disthron

    Have to say, I didn’t much care for this one. I REALLY don’t like “bad guy” giantesses. So I didn’t really appreciate the crush scene or the building demolishing.

    However some people above have said they don’t like the “poof” giantess transformation. I have to say that dose not bother me at all. In fact I prefer instances where characters were always giantesses. I do like a good groth scene every now and agian but if they’ve always been giants then the giantess content like low angle shots and comparison shots are there from the get go.

    There were a few problems with the way the panels were set out, in my opinion anyway. For instance there is no panel showing her eating the helicopter and on the top left panel on page 9 I couldn’t quite tell exactly what was going on.

    Otherwise the artwork was really well drawn, as usual. Also, I would like to see some of the other stories continued, like perhaps the hero of size.

  • Dilandau

    I agree with jimbob. The concept is nice, but it’s too much build-up and too little actual GTS content for a 10 page comic. Maybe it’ll work better with the additional parts but at the rate this site updates, that’s just too long a wait.

  • fordman

    very good hope to see more.

  • g30rg13

    ok that was getting good and then it cut off right as it started and im sure like other stories this isnt going to be continued.

  • wolfman

    Pure and simple. I love her stockings. THIS is what I joined for!

  • jimbob

    Concept was great, not quite enough content though.

  • Kuenbu

    By far the weakest on the site. Poof growth seen. On oh those, “Hey look, all of the sudden I’m big and my clothes grew with me.” You really could have kept this. Here’s hoping the next entry is much better than this.