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Queen Bee Phenomenon
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Queen Bee Phenomenon

Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Elliot Wallace
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  September 18, 2020

When the world is overrun with gigantic milfs, the going gets tough, and the tough get down and dirty. For Will, life was already complicated without the added stress of pleasing every powerful giantess that looked his way. Now, on top of his college courses, he has to deal with the added burden of living in a world run by sexy, voluptuous women. And what’s worse– he thinks it’s all his fault.

Three months ago, visited by the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Insects” he nearly swatted her. Big mistake. In retaliation, she incited a curse on all of humanity, dooming us all to become sexual fiends until the world once again learns compassion. Everywhere from North America to Antarctica, women burst out of their clothes, consumed with lust. Now, it’s up to Will to fix all of this and return everyone to normal. If he’s the one who started this madness, then he’s sure as hell going to be the one who finishes it, no matter what sticky cost.

Official Publisher's Review

Devoted readers! You voted for it, and now, here it is! Queen Bee Phenomenon. In the first part of this awesome new series, we find the world overrun by gigantic milfs, ravenous for pleasure and attention. Powerful tall women rule the world! These pages are stuffed with all the illustrated curves, transformations, and love-making that you could ever want, sure to leave you thirsty for more. Just be careful what you wish for!