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Peak Shift

Peak Shift

Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Release date:  March 15, 2011

The scene shifts from Matthew and Lana onto Lana’s younger sister, who has mistakenly taken the entire bowl of the growth prototype to her college science symposium. While initially she’s unwelcome, the prototype quickly turns the situation around.



  • mei

    great comics , mother growth was very good !
    please make next part where all females are now mini giantess size and have eaten green pill . thanks !

  • ding_dong

    I like this comic, but it moves to fast with a strange ending.

  • windowpane

    Really liked the idea here and it was almost perfect. I would’ve liked to have had the cover scene integrated in the story that full image would have been fantastic.

  • BigMobe1

    Great comic overall.

  • Godzilla55555

    This one so needed to keep going just a little longer.

  • jruss

    This story is probably a good example of why Chapters should receive individual ratings rather than full arcs. Or maybe chapters could get individual ratings AND the arcs as a whole could be rated. Either way: the art, as always, was fantastic and consistent. Chapters 2,3 and 4 might be some of the best comics on the site. Not saying chapter 1 is bad, it just isn’t incredible in comparison. Chapter five though, as many people have noted, is far too abrupt a conclusion for such a story. Definitely left the reader wanting more and then just cut off, although the deus ex machina quip seemed to be a tip of the hat to the readers maybe.

  • bgmon7xx

    I give it a four because the way it ended and I am still very disapointed by this. Please consider putting one more chapter to this showing what happened to Jayne. I would love to see the girls rebel after deciding that they are having too much fun with their new found power and height. What if they were to do away with the creator of the antidote? Doesn’t absolute power corrupt absolutely? Why would anyone with that kind of power want to give it up and become a nobody again?

  • pillager

    How did the antagonist’s size siphoning work? It started with absorption via sex, then she could just look at another giantess & grow. How did that work?

    Also, are we left to assume that the aforementioned heavy will just leech off the other two giantesses & continue on her merry way? Finally, if there’s a sequel I’d like to see how Matthew and Lana will deal with the class action lawsuits that should be on their way.

    If this site wants to bring closure to stories, that totally fine. Please don’t leave too many logic gaps & loose ends.

  • 2dollars

    Over a bit too quickly but well done overall. Please finish other stories. Also continue Hero of Size. It’s been off the radar for awhile.

  • Gulkave

    The story could have developed so much better, but it looks like it was finished in a hurry. The villainess could had grown to titanic (mega) proportions, before being stopped. The other girl was “forgotten” in the bathroom. So sad.

  • pillager

    Great growth & spiffy muff diving. The art is fantastic.

    -1 star for the ambiguous, murky ending. Also, more Man on Giantess loving, please.

    Personally, I’d rather see PMD end & Peak Shift continue.

    Here’s what I’d like to see next: GILF, Growing Body of Research, The New Guardian, & then the new story, Jackoyn Beanstalk.

  • Executioner0572

    I loved this story but agree with the comments on it being over too quickly.. It was brilliant to see a girl abusing the power and doing all she could to bigger! I thought it would be leading to some city destruction or a nice giantess cat fight..

    Artwork is absolutely fantastic and story great. Just don’t rush through it people :)

  • bgmon7xx

    I love this comic however I am not none the happy about the quick 4 page wrap up after all the build up. I honestly think you need to finish up with what happens to them, are they now going to be taking control or what?????

    Very disappointed in the ending, SO VERY DISAPPOINTED. Good story really short ending that took you really no where. Sorry to be so critical but come on this was the best story while you gave others with hardly half the merit 7 or 8 chapters. Seems like you just want to wrap them up quickly.


  • jpfazz24

    The ending tapered off rather quickly… I was expecting blossoming mini-giantess orgies popping up all over the school. Not to mention more of Jayne. Well, fear not.It ended to make room for newer and BIGGER works.

  • damnyou

    Loved this!
    And i think you are doing a great great job lately, with continuation of going comics. It was kind of sad to see a new comic every time, without updating the past ones, while now i think you’ve got the perfect balance between continuation of ongoing comics and new titles.
    Great Job!

  • Pantherdx5

    Really loving this comic, the growth scenes, the playful characters and the bad girl are all making this come together. This one may be my favorite comic to date

  • pillager

    10/20/11: The date The Giantess Club hit God Tier Status.

    Please keep up the male growth & size transference. Very rarely done & Very hot to watch.

    I can’t wait to see how huge Lana & co. will have to become to take control of the situation.

  • kenji1

    Fantastic storyline. I especially love the variations in size and the interaction. Hope this continues in the near future.

  • bgmon7xx

    I hope the next update on this site is Peak Shift 4. I have to know what happens to the girls next. Take a poll and see if people are willing to pay a little bit more per month for 3 updates per month.

  • kujoddw

    Wonder what Jayne’s going to do with the dozens of prototypes so close to her? Just how much of the city, state, country, or world would she occupy if she chooses to use all she has availible?

  • Jose Morel

    Looks like there is only way way out for Jayne now

  • buci1985

    Love this series

  • Mouton


  • pillager

    I am elated, thank you very much.

    Bring on the Giantess lesbian orgy. (as long as the fellas are put to good use…)

    This is exactly what this site needs.

    Rock on!

  • bgmon7xx

    Can’t wait for the next chapter. Like how the little brunnett grew to a sexy giantess. Fantastic work, fantastic story and very very sexy characters. WAY TO GO, NOW WE’RE COOKING WITH OIL FOLKS!

  • Webspidr

    This comic definitely needs to be continued as soon as possible. It seems like we’re actually going to see some actually substantial growth/sex action (i.e. not just lone panels) which i am sincerely looking forward to. It’s nice to see a comic on the website that heavily involves sex for a change. In fact, i wouldn’t mind if the next section was mostly just the two of them fucking. :)

  • eur0pa7

    just love to watch the outfits grow away

  • comiclover

    I love this whole site only comics no stories lol. This is an excellent story arc you got going please keep it up and I’ll try to do the same

  • disher

    this looks very promising, can hardly wait to see what will happen next!!.

  • bgmon7x

    This is why I love this site! More smoking stories like this, GIANTESS stories of growth happenings. Good job guys thank you for the wonderful characters, story and artwork! Very Sexy story.

  • damnyou

    Absolutely the best one!
    Keep it up!

  • pillager

    Chapter two is awesome.

    Great GTS nookie action.

    Plot is going somewhere really cool.

    Excellent balance between character establishing dialog & the giantess erotica that keeps me coming back for more.

    Top notch work!!!

  • lighta

    Def needs more updates!

  • hiperfire

    best in show best in show hope it the next one will be as great cant wait to see what her friend does

  • AuGoose

    Definitel hope this one goes a few more episodes. One of the best in the library!

  • granduca

    I apologize, my prior comment ment to read: “I think that Peak Shift would be an ideal comic to introduce this concept.”

  • granduca

    Correction of my prior comment, Peak Shift is an ideal comic to introduce the concept I discussed.

  • eternalsidekick

    Best comic up to date, all in.

  • raegoil1

    There are some good scenes in this, I like how the story is building, and I hope the next few installments will continue to progress at a good rate. I look forward to reading the next one!

    So far I like everything portalcomic has been involved in the most too.
    (moar progress plis ;)

  • granduca

    I appreciate this comic for featuring growth in the context of a good sexually dynamic committed relationship. Cognizant that this is a Giantess growth site I would like to see the male partner “accidentally” get slipped a growth pill with general horniness with his newly enlarged girlfriend ensuing. Stories where male partners experience the exhilaration of growth are non-existent (PMD is the only one, and then only the woman feels horny while the man is just a cold ruthless operative.)Having the male grow as well allows the reader to empathize as well as fantasize about the subject matter, and hence allows a richer erotic experience. Simply rrepeating a series of surprising and erotic, yet generic female growth scenarios does indeed get old over time. I would like to advocate for the appearance of greater male participation and enjoyment of erotic encounters as well as more mutual growth between females and male partners. I think Soma Seeds is an ideal comic to introduce this concept.

  • Mavnus04

    Great comic. :)

  • marked

    this is one of the best storys on giantessclub keep up the good work.

  • wildcard

    I have to honestly say that “Peak Shift” has literally “Peak”ed my interest! Seeing how this ended makes me hunger even more for the next installment – BRING IT TO ME!!! :-)

  • Webspidr

    This has got to be the best comic so far, period. It has everything i expect from this website. It has growth scenes, sex scenes, a likeable giantess, and a fun growth device. All of this in the first part of the story. I think this comic does a lot to address previous criticism that stories are begun but usually feel unfinished. Even though the story has room to continue, the first part already has all the elements of a complete story. That said, if there is any story here worth adding parts to, this is it.

    The only suggestion i have is to perhaps work in some female fluids during transformations and sex, but this is already a fantastic comic. I can’t wait to see how this story is going to work out!

  • taalbs3

    Love it please make another :)

  • disher

    awsome!!!! cant wait to see what happens!

  • bigpanda

    this is a definate win. I truely look forward to the rest of this stor!!

  • Hendoo

    One of the best comics on the site.

  • frankl

    I love it. The shower sex scene is awesome – I love the way she presses her brand-new big tits against his abdomen and then slowly outgrows him while they’re going at it.

  • slinger

    This is a good start to what could be a great story. Can’t wait to see what happens at the party. Hoping for a giant hot nerd-girl growthfest. Would like to see every ethnicity represented too.

  • eur0pa7

    nice growth

  • pillager

    Most Excellent!

    Very nice art.

    Story has a great start & shows tremendous potential.

    Keep up the spiffy work.

  • g30rg13

    Omg this is amazing

  • bgmon50

    Great story!!!!! Best yet!! Can’t wait to see what happens to the blond.

  • bluedog

    I love this issue from start to finish! and can’t wait to see how it continues.

  • wolfman

    Okay, this looks like fun.
    And there is a nice cliffhanger too.