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New New Heaven

New New Heaven

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  July 27, 2018


Age Rating



The story begins with the wish-making son, having sex with the MILF partner he met during college. The son cannot fully concentrate on the sex thanks to the new state of the world. Everyday life adjusted to the 8f-9f girls well enough, but the MILF’s were another story. The mothers of the world sheer size often caused accidental destruction wherever they went.  However no mother could be compare to the son’s own Mother. She is on a whole different level…

Official Publisher's Review

New New Haven is meant to be both a reboot and a continuation of the great “The New Heaven” series. In this series the MILFs of the world will ALWAYS be bigger than the girls. The story will focus on how the New Haven world of giant girl and even bigger giant mothers has adjusted to the son’s wish.  All is not going well in the son’s (and other people who aren’t mothers) life to say the least.  It’s up to the son to fix what the has created to truly make his world a New Haven.

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  • wolfbartz

    I hope you guys can continue with stories set in this universe. Maybe some other side stories set in this world.

  • wolfbartz

    Will this be updated or not? I felt it was a good premise and would love to have it continue.

  • Cypher

    This series is the best series on this site no joke it’s amazing

  • begts

    This series looks so amazing and perfect , i hope it has so many chapters and never end!

  • kong

    Perfect work , giantess and mini giantess Milfs and Moms make great comics always.