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Milfster PC
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Milfster PC

Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 13, 2021

Paul’s girlfriend, Callie, is a dream come true. Smart, hard-working, and has the looks of a fashion model. Unfortunately for Callie, her mom, Jessica, never really grew up. Her irresponsibility and her habit of chasing the wrong guys are putting a strain on her relationship with Callie. It’s gotten so bad that Callie’s threatening to move across the country to live with her dad. But, what if Jessica was in a stable relationship of her own, with a decent guy for a change?

Official Publisher's Review

William Pratt, but you can call him Bill, brings a different look at Master PC. This time the Boy (Paul) already has the Girl (Callie). Callie is a complete babe who doesn’t seem to realize just how far out of Paul’s league she is, so he’s sitting pretty, right? Maybe. If Callie’s mother (Jessica) doesn’t totally fuck everything up.

So enters the Boy’s dad. 20 years ago, Dad used Master PC to score the most beautiful woman in town, and now that his son is running into girl trouble, he trusts Paul with the same edge he once had. And some very simple rules. One is don’t mess with the Girl much because a relationship based on a lie is no relationship. Good advice, but will Paul take it?



  • kong

    I hope to see her mom grows huge and become a hot mini giantess ;)