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Margo’s Matriculation

Written by:  Matt Marcell
Illustrated by:  Laura Queens
Release date:  January 14, 2010


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Within all of us lies a desire to become more than ourselves. For Margo, a journey through her mind turns her desire into something more literal.



  • gigaglvr

    good i want more!

  • robertHA


  • bgmon6

    I give 3 stars because it is nice artwork but agree with the top. Not to be disrespectful of someone’s work, I will not say I waited 2 weeks for crap but do agree that if they are to be posted twice a month, how about good giantess contents, THIS IS HOW YOU GET REPEAT BUSINESS, DELIVERING WHAT YOUR ADVERTISING. I HOPE YOUR READING THIS. I am not yelling the point, just trying to enbolden the point.

    Thank you

  • Jessica

    With the amount of money we are paying, either provide us with more growth quality, or give us more quantity. TBH, I would not mind that this comic provided so little growth if another one came out right after it. But at the rate the comics are coming out, I don’t think I will be renewing..

  • ibebrett

    Terrible. If we don’t see changes we will really have to consider leaving this site.

  • Dilandau

    Another comic with too much build up and no real pay-off. It’s fine if you want to do this kind of thing, but *only* if the site either gets longer or more frequent updates. As it is we’re paying almost $1.50 per page and this just isn’t worth it. If you can’t get a higher rate of production, either lower the price or drop the subscriptions altogether and just start selling the comics. I’ve gotten two comics this month that I didn’t much care for and at this price that’s hard to justify.

  • astyanax

    The quality of the art is ok but not as sharp as that by navarro and cabrera. The premise of the story isn’t flawed, but its execution definitely is. I would say there should be a minimum of 4 pages of giantess/growth content in a 10 page comic, more if the comic is a one off. The explanation of the back story takes 9 out of 10 pages in this comic. Far too long. Future chapters of this comic will hopefully be better.

  • Macron

    I hate writing negative reviews, but there were just too many pages unnecessarily wasted on introductory exposition and not enough actual giantess-related content.

  • bluedog

    There wasn’t any giantess/growth until the very last panel of this comic! The whole issue was just 11 pages of build up.
    The ending didn’t say to be continued but I’m if this issue does continue they have more than just one panel of growth/giantess

  • endlrls

    Good Artwork. Nice Understory digging into the Psych of the character more than just the raw Growth. Last Page for the Process though? C’mon now. Hopefully, there are more parts to this comic. This might be the start to a great series then.

  • conisher

    Two weeks for this crap? What a waste of our time and money.