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Lost Age
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Lost Age

Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Morri
Release date:  August 29, 2018


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A group of friends gathered for their usual tabletop gaming session are quickly transported via magical d20s into the fantasy world that they have been imagining themselves in! Fitting into DnD archetypes, the friends must quickly adapt to the world around them, some of them in new bodies. Luckily, this shouldn’t be a problem for seasoned tabletop adventurers! One problem might be that their mage (an Enchanter) only seems to have aesthetic magic, which is great in the bedroom, but not much use in a fight! This is just the start of their adventures, and they’re surely destined for greatness.

…and seriously, Lost Age doesn’t have ninjas.

Official Publisher's Review

Tongue-in-cheek jokes abound in a lighthearted fantasy romp! Based on an Ideas submission by HVGTD, Lost Age is a fantasy setting inspired by DnD and post-apocalyptic worlds. Though it’s set in a world similar to our own, everything was destroyed over 1000 years ago. Traces of the modern world appear sparingly, and the world is inhabited by classical fantasy races. This issue is all about setting up characters, and xCuervos juggles four interesting friends. Each character is loaded with personality, and Becky is sure to be a favorite. While expansion is light in this issue, the very fact that a main character is an Enchanter who only casts beauty spells tells us that there will be plenty of sexy magic on the way!



  • hvgtd

    I’m a little disappointed, still like most of what I see, but this story has 4 characters, my description had 5. Also, looks like the guy is set up to be a board and half-elf, I said he was half-fey (meaning part faerie) and a cleric (priest), with the 4th chick being a half-elf bard. So, where is player number 5?

    • hvgtd

      Edit, I said all that because I was genuinely curious? That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another player to on in the fun, there’s a reason the Player that shows up late is a trope.