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Jacolyn Beanstalk

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  March 20, 2012


Age Rating



Jack has been living with a cold and rather cruel yet beautiful wife. She’s just sure that she’s above any other woman in the land. Thanks to a fortuante encounter with a mysterious cloaked woman in town. Jack returns home with some magic beans and shows just how his wife can really be. Now her ego isn’t the only massive thing about her, and she goes from cold to steaming hot.



  • Webspidr

    I supremely regret never having read this story before. INO’s illustrations are utterly fantastic (at least in my opinion), and there is a lot of attention to detail both in regards to dialogue and the growth and sex acts. The sex and genitalia especially are supremely expressive. This story is the epitome of taking ones time to craft a really good story, growth, and eroticism. The fact that the issue is twice the normal length is wonderful; I wouldn’t mind this approach for certain series.

    I agree with other commentators in that I’d also like to see a continuation, preferably from Jacolyn’s point of view. How does Jacolyn’s and Jack’s relationship change? Maybe some size-changing is warranted, so that she can re-grow with the beans at points and interact more easily with the other villagers in the first place. I wouldn’t want her to be all the way back to normal size in her small state, but maybe as big as she was at the end of page 15 or the first panel on 16. Slow, erotic growth is more important than how big she gets if she grows again, though, and she was a really good size at the end of this comic (i.e. having a full person be able to enter in her vagina fittingly and pleasure her). In any case, I feel like people with big egos who have as large a heart and wit are fun to write about (probably because they are fun!). Maybe Jacolyn and Jack could lampoon the rest of the beanstalk story in the process if you all wanted, although with the whole “evil” bank thing there are a lot of different directions this could go. :)

  • topcat

    Excellent take ! Thank you

  • windowpane

    Art is good, scenes were a bit sparse for me, I’d rather there were more interaction or the growth was a bit more drawn out.

  • Ripstar

    I loved the story! The art was ok,but didn’t affect the story at all

  • pillager


    This is what I love to see.

    Erotic action & some humor!

    Excellent work!

  • BigMobe1

    Loved it. Reminded me a little of GILF only more aggressive.

  • Godzilla55555

    Cool it was definitely a one off comic.

  • Warrior

    I loved this! I thing the artwork was wonderful, myslef.
    I would REALLY like to see a continuation, where she grows like the beanstalk of old… head beyond the clouds, toes towering over the tiny towns below her; as she gets hornier, & hornier & bigger & bigger & BIGGER! Looks to be done, but… never can tell, eh?

  • Jaebird88

    Not bad. The art was a little rough, but I’ve seen much, much worse.

  • bluedog

    This was a really cool story.The art was kinda bleh!But the idea of it was awesome.