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Written by:  Kris P. Kreme , Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Chris Flash
Release date:  June 19, 2010

Taking a plane can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when one of the passengers is a beautiful woman who is growing without control.



  • ding_dong

    I love Flight Hazard I like the growing in a frame by frame in detail.

  • Jim Rockford

    it’s nice to see a woman growing in a confined space….
    too many artists place the giantess in a place with lots of vertical space and just let things happen..
    it’s better when a woman grows and invades the space of others..”ooops, excuse me while I grow…”

  • scooter

    Just my two cents, but this has been my favorite by far of all your comics. For sure different people like different aspects of the giantess fantasy best. For some it is lots of rampaging/crushing, for others it is sex between normal sized man and giantess. For me, it is all about the growth – the shocked and alarmed lady who is horrified to find herself growing out of her clothes in some very public setting and becoming naked and way too big to hide, for all the world to see. It seems to me that these comics work best when they don’t try to hit every single button in a single comic. Ten pages per issue may be required to do justice to any one particular theme. The rampage/crush fans may be happiest getting the growth part over in a few panels or not even have any actual growth scene at all so that most of the comic can be devoted to giantess mayhem! And I know I loved this comic best because it was basically a whole comic devoted to my favorite theme, and it did it so very well. It captured all the elements I like best: 1) unsuspecting lady on whom the transformation is foisted very much against her will, 2) very dressed up lady with lots of articles of clothing we can see her progressively growing out of as she gets more and more panic stricken, and 3) very long detailed growth sequence with lots of buttons popping, fabric ripping, straps snapping, lots of points of view, horrified/embarrassed reaction shots, etc. Also, I loved how this comic took the space to set up the scene and to build the anticipation of what was to come. I loved those initial panels where we meet our “heroine,” see the “dose” administered to her, and then have a few panels where the tension mounts because we all know what is going to happen soon, even though she doesn’t! And I loved that this comic could take the time to pace the whole growth sequence and not have to rush through it in just a few panels. The initial stages where we see things are beginning to happen (could be things such as skirt hem beginning to rise, fabric tightening, a stocking starting to run, etc) while it has not yet dawned on her what is happening build the anticipation very powerfully! And then when the first buttons start to pop to a shocked GASP – woooeeee! And it just keeps getting better as her growth unrelentingly continues from there until the last of her clothes are shredded off to her very great alarm. Anyway, I know this aspect is not everybody’s favorite and different comics will have to emphasize different things. But just wanted to say that there was at least one subscriber who loved this one and I hope that there may be more like it.

  • sonirail

    Says it’s damaged when downloaded.

  • sunshine

    Very good. I’d like to see microsized man by his girlfriend or mother-in-law and after crushed by her.

  • pillager

    Very clever.

    I could see this story arc go into a lot of different directions.

    Carry on!

  • wildcard

    Awesome stuff!! Please tell me there’s gonna be a part three!! But this time I want to see more people growing at the same time!

  • vincentr

    Wow. Awesome artwork all the way around, an intriguing storyline (fuck all y’all *BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER TO HELL WITH PLOT I WANNA CUM NOW* types), and even a bit of off-color humor. Gotta love the stewardess’s reaction to all this; after all, it’s not like Vicki has full… control… now THERE’S a thought…

    tl;dr: Epic win. Worth the wait.

    tl;dr: tl;dr: YES.

  • flavioca

    Fantastic! Please, Work more with footjobs and feet in general …

  • bgmon50

    Looking forward to a part 3 please. It appears by the last frames of chapter 2 that the blond is growing out of her clothes and becoming a giantess (and a sexy one at that)! Let’s hope the brunett and the blond hook up and make more…

  • DeezNutz

    First chapater was… okay. Leaving too much in the air and having to wait weeks at a time. But I still liked it a lot.

    Second chapater was excellent! Can’t wait to see the conclusion

  • deandre

    pretty good to start Cant wait to see what happen next.

  • Widemore

    Really intersting start ! Looking forward to next chapter.

  • Anonymou

    Seems like a very interesting start. Will she grow out of the plane and plummet into the sea while growing only to approach land like some Japanese giant monster?

  • deandre

    I love It want To see more

  • Morstle

    Yet another comic where nothing even remotly interesting until the end. She starts to grow at the end. Until then no Giantess. Another dissapointing comic.

  • DarkQuaz

    Excellent start, but it was so short! This feels more like a teaser than a full chapter.

  • bigpanda

    Not a bad start but i have to say….the ten and twelve page update are kind of a tease.

  • eur0pa7

    talk about leaving the growth up in the air!!!!

  • dascrub

    It looks like it’s got some serious potential ;-)

  • Truth314

    Great story so far. I hope the conclusion comes out real soon

  • Disher

    this one is really great too. cant wait to see part 2.

  • flux2187

    Come on, I am paying to see giantess wreck havoc on cities or grow huge in a single issue. If i knew I was waiting half a month for this garbage I would not have joined this club. Get with it. Cut out the 5 pages of “story” and 1 page of “growth” for something better. Terrible

  • MrCrebs

    yeah not bad but to short

  • wolfman

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!
    I had a similar idea for a story, never got around to draw it.