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Guaranteed as Advertised: Deanna’s Story

Written by:  Fahzbehn
Release date:  May 28, 2014


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Searching for the ultimate gaming experience, Deanna and Zeek visit Belle’s Gamer Garb to purchase the new BTI Virtual Reality suit and the exciting new game “Vice City: Crystal Heights”. Deanna is thrust into a game that feels all too real as Zeek and Deanna fight the Aristo Industries gang.

Official Publisher's Review

A tongue in cheek spoof of many gaming fantasies, Deanna’s story puts us in a over the top video game experience that seems all too real. With Fahzbehn’s ever present irony and humorous twist on a subject close to many of us, this adventure shows what can happen when you get exactly what you’re after. Another in a series of stories based on Belle’s Boutique, this story expands to her new game store. Similar to Spells ‘R Us universe, but not as dark, as usual, Fahzbehn takes a light hearted approach to things working as promised when they’re “Guaranteed as Advertised.”