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Growth Studies – Mary Calliper

Growth Studies – Mary Calliper

Written by:  Nixemus Leirbas
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  May 27, 2015


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Mary is a young, retired business woman. As she relaxes in her garden, she is struck by some mysterious force which ‘expands her portfolio’. Growth ensues.

Official Publisher's Review

A quirky story featuring an interesting character. Short but sweet.



  • Webspidr

    I really wish you guys would release a new ‘Growth Studies’ comic!

    I really love them! :D I think a lot of other people do too, but they thumbed down this one because you guys accidentally “released” it after it had already become available on the website, and people didn’t like how it was being passed off as “new”. The quality of these stories is actually amazing and seemingly getting better with each iteration. So keep up the good work!~

    What I like about them is that they feature slow, pleasurable, erotic growth, and they also feature sexuality on full display. Honestly, I think a lot of people would love to be a euphoric, nymphomaniac giantess, and many more people (like me) would probably want to be for-real friends with such a person just for being fun-loving and a breath of fresh air! People love to do all kinds of things, but if left to their own devices I bet a lot of people just wish they could spend most of the day feeling sensitive, turbo-horny, and masturbating and having sex all the time (maybe even while doing something else), and spend the rest of the time having fun or doing something they love. People who are apologetically themselves are a joy to be around, because giving pleasure to themselves they also give pleasure to other people and inspire them to do the same in turn. Rather than being necessarily cruel or callous or self-absorbed, it’s perfectly relate-able for a compassionate person to get off from growing out of a building, becoming a giantess, and flaunting stifling rules. It’s possible someone could get hurt or even die if the building falls, for example, but just like in real-life we’re often afraid to do the things we desire because of risks (real or imagined) and yet we can’t deny that certain risks are both necessary for happiness and good for others too because pursuing pleasure can lead to new opportunities for good (esp. if the giantess-to-be didn’t even expect to grow in the first place). As long as the giantess isn’t intentionally hurting or ignoring people and treats them with kindness and regard, it should be perfectly natural and okay for her to not only enjoy but embrace her feelings completely. I just wish there were a lot more “good giantess” stories that didn’t consist of abstaining from sexuality because “it’s dangerous”. Maybe being oneself, feeling pleasure, and fulfilling ones desires alongside others actually makes the world a better place? There have been a few stories that got very close like ‘Couples Therapy’, although when I first read it it wasn’t clear to me that they were rolling with things (which I think was the writers’ intention) rather than refusing to acknowledge the people left inside the building, which makes a big impact on how the story is read. That being said, honestly speaking, property damage is a lot less valuable than happiness! ;)

  • Webspidr

    Since the images on the home page related to this comic seem to have been converted to those of a as-of-yet unreleased comic, I assume a new ‘Growth Studies’ comic is going to be released soon?

    Take your time and do the best job you can with it, but I can’t contain my excitement!! :D

  • grizzlys54

    You call it new ?? It’s been 3 years that this comic released….

    • BotComics Marketing

      Hi, on 2012 we published Growth Studies – Judith Moss. It’s a different one-shot comic.

      • Webspidr

        Actually, I’ve been reading this comic for a while, so this one isn’t new. All the Growth Studies comics were released within a relatively short period of time.

        That said I love them; they are among my favorite comics, especially this one and Kaley Miles. I’d love it if artists added extra panels or pages, especially if they’re elaborations upon their growth or their enhanced libido and sensitivity during and subsequent to their transformation into giantesses. One of the perks of a giantess is she can gaily and shamelessly get herself off in public all day long without people putting her down or making her miserable; unlike us, giantesses are truly free to be themselves, and whilst society says that carnality is evil, in actuality experiencing and giving great pleasure are amongst the highest forms of good. There are always risks to pursuing pleasure, and the destructive potential of giantesses exaggerates our fears about individual autonomy, but embracing the power of a giantess grants one the means not only to achieve greater happiness for oneself but to inspire others and give them pleasure too. It’s the ultimate liberation fantasy of personal, sexual agency, and I’m always wishing the exploits would continue one more page after another, especially if the characters feel authentic and well-written!

        Of course, you could also do new growth studies, or make sequels about the exploits of characters after their new-found liberation and transformation, which would be very cool! :)