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Growth Studies: Kaley Miles

Growth Studies: Kaley Miles

Written by:  Nixemus Leirbas
Illustrated by:  ZXQ
Release date:  June 28, 2012


Age Rating



Kaley longs to be noticed by other people. One night when she gazes out of the window, she is struck by a strange beam. Growth ensues.



  • Goobernoober

    Free I want it free

  • ding_dong

    A nice little comic.

  • Webspidr

    I have to say i really liked this one. Short and sweet.

    The erotic part of the growth and masturbation took a long time to get to though. It didn’t last that long, but it wasn’t bad either. I really liked how her juices were also illustrated, which reminded me of the puddle of vaginal fluid that formed under the protagonist of the comic “Little Hero” as she was transforming.

    I like how this comic focused pretty much exclusively upon the growth without focusing too much upon the story (not that story’s bad). That way a lot of panels could be devoted to it exclusively. Even the nature of the giantess is left open to interpretation, as her single known motivation is to be noticed and she could be either cruel or gentle depending upon personal taste.

    I really hope we get more growth-focused comics like this in the future. Maybe the pleasurable and erotic aspects could be played up even more next time. It’s amazing how satisfyingly a growth sequence can be illustrated when a large number of pages are devoted to it alone.