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Growth Studies – Judith Moss

Written by:  Nixemus Leirbas
Release date:  May 8, 2012


Age Rating



Judith Moss works in an office. With no time for fun, she focuses completely on her job, at the expense of any social life. However, when she gets hit by a strange beam from the stars, fate decides to change all that.



  • ding_dong

    Too short and the art work is passable. It’s just O.K

  • Z

    OK, correct me if I’m wrong but I see what I’m about to say ranted through all the reviews. Pure and simple these GTS comics lack what the majority of GTS fans want. VORE,insertion, crush(not for me though) . Now the rest who wanna see just plain growth can get that reading everyday comics from Marvel or DC. Just not nude.
    There are soo many comics on here with scenes I hope lead to something I like just to be let down. Things like GILF and certain scenes from Above the Law,Red Pill, and one scene in Big Debut…out of your whole lineup thats all the actual GTS stuff most fans wanna see.
    So there is Giantess Fan which is leading in vore comics but they still lack in that department. You guys with in insertion scenes but Giantess Fan is working on a GTS comic that is pure vore and insertion so….
    No real indepth stories just make the fetish parts happen, the stuff we want.

  • Godzilla55555

    Wam bam thank you mam story. Good drawing to.

  • Gulkave

    Compared to other works of the site, the drawing and the storyline were pretty weak.

  • damnme

    Nice one shot comic. A little too short maybe, but well done.