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Growing Body of Research

Growing Body of Research

Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Chris Flash
Release date:  October 20, 2010


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Cynthia, a self-proclaimed “sexual Anthropologist/psychologist extraordinaire,” journeys up a frozen mountain and discovers the secret to body growth.



  • jruss

    The comic came out really well– the artwork as usual is fantastic– and the concept is neat, although the growth sequences could have been a bit more frequent.

    On a separate note it’s a little ridiculous to complain about the site on a review of a comic.

  • alexidd

    I want to cancel my subscription and it gives me this message at the bottom of the page: Error. Error: could not connect to The Host “localhost”? Thank you!
    I tried to conact them by E-Mail, but I have the same message. Thanks for your help. Sorry for the language I’m french.

  • robertHA

    I’m paying for this? It has been over a month and no comic? I though there was supposed to be two a month? Correcting me if I wrong……

  • robertHA

    I was just curious but I thought you guys said two comics a month? There is one on the 8th and today is the 30th……Like I said just curious?

  • romancox

    Comics seems okay… hopefully leads somewhere soon. Also a side note… When will the discussion board ever work on this site? Are y’all going to post more that 1 to 2 comics a month? This is definitely not the action I expected for the price.

  • Shalala3

    Good Artwork, weak story and not enough fetish fuel for my taste.

    Instead of beginning a new story each update, I would kill to see some other ones continued.

  • pillager

    Chapter 2 is rocking awesome!

    It truly delivered the goods.

  • bluedog

    I am so glad to see they are coming out with more continues to stories they started.I mean don’t get me wrong,I love seeing new stuff often,but I also enjoy seeing a story started and finished.
    This was a really cool continue to the comic.Good job guys,totally worth the subscription.

  • jwahl71

    Probably some of the best artwork yet. Good premise to start with.

  • robertHA

    Good art work but I rather see continuations of Soma Seeds.

  • lorider

    good start but where’s the growth?

  • pillager

    Intriguing premise. Very arousing. Stories like this are what keep me coming back for more.

    Also, Excellent, imaginative art work. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

  • PodPeep

    Eh. I was hoping for a continuation for Soma Seeds. This looks like it has potential, though. I suppose I’m just getting too impatient and wanting a lot more to happen in the first sections of these comics. Too much dialogue, I thought.

  • bluedog

    fun mini giantess comic.not much happens in the way of the story,and nothing is really explained.
    But the art is great so all I can say is I hope Mariano and Hernan are well paid for their awesome work.

  • Disher

    good story but its still missing the most important subject: GROWTH
    I hope chapter 2 will cover that part.