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Galaxa’s Wonderful Adventure – Ep. 1

Written by:  Sedna Studio
Illustrated by:  Sedna Studio
Colored by:  Sedna Studio
Release date:  October 1, 2018


Age Rating



Galaxa finds herself immersed in the same world of the books she is reading.

Before discovering how to get out of there, she must find out how to stay in that world with her clothes on.

From Sedna Studio, the artist that brought us “Dead City“.


Official Publisher's Review

Sedna Studio brings us Galaxa’s Wonderful Adventure, about a young student who loves good children’s adventure books, who ends up immersed in a imaginary world with a young librarian.

Alone in this unknown world, she must find the librarian while meeting characters from her favorite books like Hansel and Gretel, Jack Spriggins, Little Red Riding Hood, Little Blue Boy, who seem more interested in stripping Galaxa than helping her.

An erotic story full of adventure, humor and beautiful naked girls.

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