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Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Chris Flash
Release date:  November 20, 2009


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



James is visiting his friend Matt Robinson, but encounters his mother, Betty, first. Betty has a thing for hot, young, strapping men like James. Picking on James’s like of tall women, Mrs. Robinson growing power over James becomes immediately apparent.

Official Publisher's Review

In this classic giantess milf story from BotComics, we found Betty, a single hot Milf with a thing or two for young men and a very special magical power under her sleeve. So, it’s great for this hungry cougar to have her son’s friends around.



  • kong

    mini giantess milf comics are the best !

    • kong

      one of the best comics ever , please continue adventure of this mom and boy !

  • BigMobe1

    This is one of my favorite comics on this site. Very sexy. Yeah the MILF things is odd, but mini-GTS sex is always awesome.

  • raegoil1

    I thought it was meh at best… there was a fair amount of BE(kudos there) in it but it didn’t get to where I wanted it too till the last two pages then it ended unfortunately.

  • disher

    COME ON guys this comic is WWWWWAAAAAAYYYYY
    past its update time. it’s already over a year now!!!

  • imprtzub

    Liked it, went all my way..even the end but I was hoping for a whole insertion and just the dudes clothes lying on the florr when her son walked in.

  • BigMobe


  • ratsat

    The best story on this site!

  • buci2885

    I think it was a very good short story that let everyone get what they wanted and built its self up in perfect timing I would love to see more sequels of this one

  • marshma5

    Favorite!! Part two please!!

  • kraiden

    Yes, this is the only reason I signed up. Make more of this please, please, please, please, please, please, and then again, please. Thanks!

  • taalbs


  • lilmac

    This is one of the better ones on here. There needs to be a sequel.

  • Disher

    When while part 2 appear??

  • pillager

    Very Arousing. Quite amusing. Damn good work.

    Milfs are awesome, but I hope Mrs. Robinson has a daughter or two…

  • Disher

    Please tell me there is a part 2 or i’ll die!!

  • t-rell27

    Great story would like to see it continue with facesitting in there also though

  • bobalot

    Hands down the best comic on the site!!!

    Absolutely loved it and would love to see it continue with more chapters.

    Perhaps different stories along the same story line or even different encounters with the same sexy woman taken further.

    I definitely feel this is too good of an idea just to let go.

    I am sure it come close to many fantasies of many fans of giantess growth.

    BRAVO and cheers.

  • Disher

    Part 2!!
    Part 2!!
    Part 2!!

  • samuel55

    Loved it XD

  • zappa19

    absolutely fantastic story. amazing.

  • Disher

    That story is too good to not have another chapter added.

  • bubu33

    can you please make a contnue of that fantastic story

  • ninjak

    It’s great, but is there a single story with more than one part on this site?

  • beguy2

    as the ratings!
    For me this the best story here.

  • coco123

    What is that it will have a continuation?

  • coco123


  • geazer


  • Dilandau

    I quite enjoyed this one. The growth during sex thing was nice, the added BE was a bonus, and it’s nice to once in a while see a giantess who doesn’t want to destroy Tokyo or something. I could definitely do with more like this.

    Some minor points:
    – I know it’s a staple of MILF stories to leave this unaddressed, but is there a Mr. Robinson? I would imagine he shares our fetish as well.
    – So James tells Matt about his preference for tall women, and Matt – knowing full well what his mum can do – relays this information to his mother. What did he expect would happen? :)
    – I feel sorry for any normal sized girls that’re going to have sex with James: it’s going to hurt. ;)
    – Are the Robinson’s Asian? Mrs. Robinson doesn’t look it, but Matt at the ending could easily be of Korean or similar descent by the looks of him (it’d be funny if Mr. Robinson was a tiny Asian guy with the giantess wife).

  • wildcard

    This story gives the line “Mrs. Robinson, I do believe you’re trying to seduce me” a WHOLE new meaning, I’m really looking forward to seeing some continuation with this story. The only thing I was a little disappointed about was that the growth scene was a little short lived, if they only stretched it out a little – with added emphasis on the tearing clothing – then it would be even better.

    But then again, that’s just me. You guys just keep doin what you’re doin.

  • beartoes

    It is grate.

  • Wicelow

    Awesome as always.

  • Roaklin


  • buci2885

    I like this comic very much and think it should be continued the Mother is a perfectly seductive woman for the part.

  • endlrls

    Funny stuff, great artwork… keep up the good work

  • Quadhous

    A very good story with a surprising ending. I hope there will be sequals.

  • assdog

    i like the comic but i would love to see the club do some fmg giantess growth to .

  • assdog

    cool but i would love to see some giantess muscle growth on the site to fmg style.

  • caliguy

    I think this kind of gts story is exactly what gts erotica is all about, right on, this should be a long running series with different GILFS that have different assets like big booty gilfs topheavy ones bbw and gainers etc, the growth stages would be better in slow spurts and growth strip teases would be nice too ;)

    great job, keep it up

  • Goldberg

    Absolutely awesome!

  • qzar9999

    Heh. “Not again!” This Mrs. Robinson can try to seduce me ANY TIME. Also, growth + BE during sex = hot. Very good comic.

  • grimmy

    This is the kind of story I signed up here for!!!! Excellent on all levels!

  • kobe77


  • kerashi

    LOVED IT!!!

  • jimbob

    Hehe I love it.

  • wolfman

    Weak, very weak.
    Art was good as usual, but the story was a mayor dissapointment. I