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Futa Virus
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Futa Virus

Written by:  Malenkaya
Illustrated by:  Fontez , MO
Release date:  November 22, 2019

Sean and Meredith are a loving couple, but can that survive Meredith’s growing problem? After she comes down with the Futa Virus, Meredith finds her body rapidly changing. Soon she is towering over her husband, in more ways that one! And worst of all is the hunger, with her huge breasts, long legs, and giant cock comes to an insatiable desire to plug every hole imaginable. This Milf needs release, and she’s gonna get it one way or another. But how far and wide has this virus spread and how large will these lush Milfy ladies get?

Official Publisher's Review

This tale comes right from our reader’s Idea section. It has been brought to life in lurid detail by our expert writing and artistic team. While the name implies a focus on futanari–and don’t get me wrong there’s a “hefty” amount of that–Bacchus also weaves in breast expansion, ass expansion, comparison, mini-giantess, and bimbofication. Meredith is a gentle-giantess, but she can’t help but throw her new wait around. Sean better get on board with the new “big man” of the house! This is conceived as a one-shot comic, but with enough interest there is definitely room to expand this universe. Be sure to Like and Comment!