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For Her Pleasure

For Her Pleasure

Written by:  Echo Wing
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  July 17, 2012


Age Rating



After volunteering for a study of a new drug meant as the next generation version of Viagra, average guy Neil Jackson finds himself the cause of a growing problem. While the drug works, it does so beyond anyone’s expectations, and every time a woman has sex with Neil (or ingests his semen), they undergo a terrific growth spurt. Soon enough, his girlfriend is taller than he is, and has no problem getting taller, especially given the effects wear off. Fortunately, Neil doesn’t mind having a little fun. However, their fun is discovered, and they end up in the custody of the government, though not before they share the fun.

Official Publisher's Review

This is the start of a brief story with a simple premise, and while it features little in the way of giantess content, it does make for a good lead-in to what’s to come. The characters are believable and there is some humor present, albeit slight. The sex is simplistic, but it does move the plot along well enough. Overall, this is a start to a decent, if unambitious, story, and it’s a positive start for the author.



  • ding_dong

    I like this comic and where it going.

  • Webspidr

    Haters are going to hate. I’ve really liked this series so far. It’s pleasant and fun! I know other people would rather see giantesses as huge as skyscrapers, but it’s nice for the giantess still be able to have sex, and that’s easier when she’s smaller. It’s totally possible to write wonderfully erotic giantess stories with the woman being larger, and sex can still be achieved in certain cases by the giantess using partners as dildos, but in those stories the pleasure is otherwise derived solely through growth and/or masturbation or use of various large objects, which is can still be very erotic and isn’t bad, but it’s nice to have a mix of both kinds of stories. (Of course, giantesses that can change size make this a moot point.)

    It’s also nice to read a erotic giantess story that has an optimistic feel to it. In my experience, most giantesses stories of a sexual nature feature “evil” giantesses who are careless and destructive, and this doesn’t help when the objects the giantess is using to get off inevitably have people in them. Conversely, the giantesses of a gentle nature are written almost invariably as chaste, as if deriving pleasure from being a giantess, if at all, is bad. All stories have their place, but those aren’t the only kind of giantess story you can write. I prefer stories in which the giantesses are both good in that they want to help and care about others, and also very promiscuous, or become promiscuous, going out of their way to get off on growth and sexual activity for its own sake. It’s perfectly possible to fuck a mountain and still take the time to keep people at a safe distance. It’s also possible to have sex with multiple partners, or to like being naked and not want to cover up, and or to masturbate in front of other people for no good reason and still be a loving, caring human being. Doing things that feel good does no equal evil. The nice thing about being a giantess is that they get to disregard constricting social conventions since they can’t be enforced in her case, allowing her to be herself so she can focus on the morals that actually matter, like whether one chooses to inflict suffering or provide joy, to end a life or to save it. The best and most erotic giantess stories i’ve read feature women who through their growth learn to accept their ambition and sexual desires that their society or upbringing had made them ashamed of but which in fact have little to do with true justice or kindness. What other people think about you isn’t important; what you think of yourself and how you help the world is. The pursuit of happiness is completely reconcilable with being a good person.

    This is my preferred giantess story, but it’s nice to have giantesses with a wide variety of personalities, temperaments, and values, and it’s possible to imagine any kind of combination these, from a sweet humble introvert exploring sex to a quippy loveable rouge who loves money to a loyal knightly guardian to a spiky dark lord. Different people enjoy different kinds of stories and people like surprises, so variation is a useful tool even as you figure out what people always enjoy (since i for one hope every story ends up being as sexy and erotic as possible ;D )!

    This website has improved immensely in the last few years. I’m looking forward to all the exciting stories to come!