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Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Written by:  Malenkaya , Prophet Tenebrae
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Release date:  August 23, 2012


Age Rating



Bronwnyn, Alina and Chevvy all long for larger tits. While embarking on a search for a solution to their problems, they encounter a magic fairy who transports them to a land where all their wildest fanstasies come true.

Official Publisher's Review

Fairy Tales was the BE Story Club’s first comic, and therefore an iconic preview of what was to come for the club down the road.  As part of the club’s growing attempt to bring its subscribers completed works, Fairy Tale comes to a long awaited– and hopefully satisfying– conclusion.  Malenkaya has paid special attention to both the work’s previously established precedent and the comments of passed reviewers to provide as smooth a transition from one author to the next, with a seemingly seamless story being woven in the process.  That being said, the story has the distinct stamp of authorship drawing on, and improving, stylistic choices developed in both the Story of B and the giantess club’s Peak Shift.  While the story remains entirely focused on breast expansion, it does draw in several other fetishes including mini-gts, lactation and ass expansion, just enough to spice things up but certainly not enough to detract from the main attraction: girls with magically growing breast



  • Ocarinaoftime06

    This is THE BEST BE Story Club Comic I have ever read. Plus its the website`s very first comic. Too bad the series ended with only 8 chapters, though. I believe they should keep going with the series since its the most cherished and iconic. It was my first BE story club comic and if it kept going, i would Totally buy them too.

  • ding_dong

    The story line is very good. The art work is excellent. It could use more details on the growth parts.