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Exceeds Expectations

Exceeds Expectations

Written by:  Clovis
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Release date:  July 14, 2010


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The day has come for Sally to take a walk about the city.



  • Rainman1131

    That was a nice gentle giantess story, with a very appealing giantess.

  • marshall_jackhammer

    Great nice giantess story, excellent artwork and a tale well told

  • raegoil1

    The interaction of a happy gts with other people, animals, and scenery is really what set this one off for me. Majority of the comics on this site should take after this one. Although, on the other side a few more of the occasional “oops!” scenarios (like in the city with the windows & the military gunman) would have made this more enjoyable for me. Keep up the good work!

  • glassner

    This was terrific. Both the art and the writing were outstanding. What really made it stand out for me was the personality of the girl. For me, her sweet and innocent personality combined with her enormous size and strength were just outstanding. I loved that it wasn’t a revenge story or focused just on the giantess have an insatiable sexual desire. The bit of sexual content there was — when her breasts grow when dealing with the boyfriend who had dumped her — was very well done. If I had one complaint, it’s that she didn’t continue to grow and explore her abilities. She did say she felt no limitations, but right after that she gets her ice cream cone and shrinks. I would have loved to have seen how much more she would/could have grown.

    But all around, just a wonderful effort.

  • bluedog

    I hope you guys are paying the illustrator good money!
    Because this guy is an awesome artist, I love seeing his work on this site and hope he continues such great comics,and the writing is fantastic too.

  • fireman6

    I absolutely loved this one!! The major growth and breast expansion on top of it was AWESOME! I wish she would come back and maybe do some of the evil hints she gave, maybe take on the military. Keep it up, I will definitely keep my membership with comics like these coming out!

  • eur0pa7

    I like her attitude toward growing

  • LeoFosse

    I liked this story, but I’m not big on breast expansion. I have an idea for a story that I’d like to discuss. I can be reached at if you want to discuss it.

  • Disthron

    I have to say, I did like this comic. I liked how the character seemed to be comfortable with herself, and I liked that she didn’t go psycho and helped out at the zoo.

    Though the story seems to be hinting at going to a darker place and I’m not sure I like that.

  • Shagster


    One of the best stories on this site so far.

  • ibebret2

    Please continue. Your recent comics haven’t been good, but this one was excellent. If the quaility continues on like this, I will keep the membership.

  • wolfman

    This is great and it still has a lot of potential! Keep it up!

  • deandre

    I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!