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Everything Changes

Everything Changes

Illustrated by:  Morri
Release date:  May 10, 2016


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Marie, is a goth girl that isn’t malicious or vindictive, she just wants to have a starving-skinny look, like the other goth girls (who don’t take her seriously because she has such huge boobs). Corinne ends up the accidental recipient of the spell, after she gets Corinne’s scarf by accident (she thinks it belongs to Corinne’s spiteful friend Jayne). She transfers her boobs to Corinne in stages; however, because it’s magic, the change is retroactive, so that it was always true that Corinne had unnaturally large boobs.

Official Publisher's Review

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  • Troyburger

    The story is a BE classic, but this is a mediocre adaption. There’s only 5 pictures in the whole story and in my opinion they don’t do a good job of portraying the main character’s growth. Near the end, the main character’s breasts are described as ‘so wide that she filled the narrow aisle between tables’ but the final illustration makes her look barely larger than a DD. The art is otherwise good and well drawn, but lets be real… we’re all here to see the titties get bigger.

    Do yourself a favor, save yourself 9 dollars and find the text-only version online for free.

  • phoenix2013

    This story is awesome, I recommend it to everybody. If you’re hesitating about this one, just give it a chance. It is that good, trust me.