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Empowered by Envy
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Empowered by Envy

Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Eros Studio , Peter Logan
Release date:  December 6, 2017


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Empowered by Envy is the story of Rachel, an unpopular loner at a Colorado high school. She spends her spare time researching her favorite supervillain, Virago Red, and stumbles upon the secret to her powers! While hot on the trail, Rachel finds a connection between the local superhero and her bully at school. After going through some super changes, Rachel invites herself to Jessica’s party, which is sure to be a blast!

Official Publisher's Review

We’re witnessing the birth of a brand new, sexy supervillain! xCuervos brings us the story of Rachel, a lonely girl obsessed with a supervillain who has been terrorizing the southwest for decades. This first issue establishes a studious background for the main character, who is familiar with using her brains to compensate for her looks. In a twist on the superhero origin story, Rachel gains superpowers and immediately starts down a less glamorous path, setting her up as a new supervillain!



  • mot30088mr

    When are we going to get more of this story?

    • content

      Hi there! We’re working on it, my friend. Hopefully soon, stay tuned.

  • bstgate

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!

  • Revan84

    This looks very promising!! Hopefully we’ll get the next parts soon where she finds the rest of the outfit.

  • Jaycee

    I really like this story so far. I want to see more detailed transformation scenes. She deserves it. Even moreso let her keep all her brains. She can have the body of a bimbo but the brains of a physicist. This is after all how she had the brains and tenacity to find the choker.

    • galimba

      I assume you’re reading this on Bimbostoryclub and I can see your concern but I don’t think it will be a problem: there’s nothing pointing towards that direction. I enjoy beautification as well so I’m all in for some good transformation, so far I’ve been pleased and I hope they don’t rush the rest.