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Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Mamabliss
Release date:  March 15, 2010


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  • Jim Rockford

    every GTS fan knows what he’s goin to get with Mamabliss. There will always be a woman in control. Having said that, my guess is that most of the negative reviews would be due to the fact that there was no full frontal nudity?!?!?!?
    That can be fixed in part 2.
    I’d like to see full insertion and breast squishin action– the kind where her breasts do the squishing on his body…

  • mega152

    have to agree with all the above reviews. Not enough giantess action. How about having the main charactor grow on page one or two then have her pull up a couple of trees maybe a house or two.

  • deandre

    Make a part 2 I want to see someone else get Discipline.

  • Sparda20

    Eh, wish there was more to it than that. It kinda went fast to me before I could really enjoy it

  • papayoya

    There is practically no giantess action in any of the comics posted in the site, so far. The comics quality is very good in some cases, and some stories start interesting concepts, but there has been very little giantess action in them. So far it’s not paying off the monthly fee. I really hope that we see a continuation of one of the interesting comics soon where, once the build up has been done in the first parts, we can finally get to see something more interesting…

  • Deosphax

    I’ll write exactly what was said before, but I think the more members say it, the more it might be heard : Let There Be Giantess Stuff ! Vore, crushing… There is more interesting free stuff !

  • bluedog

    Wow,I was surprised to see Mamabliss’ work here.
    I like the style and enjoyed the story too.

  • phantasy

    The amount of new work on this site is poor and needs to be updated more often. 2ndly i prefer growth, not shrinking. 3rd, and this is at this one in particular, if i wanted to look at mamabliss art, i’d still have a membership to her site. 4th, fricken put up 2nd parts to some already existing stories.

    Would also like the forum link to work.
    I’m about ready to cancel my subscription

  • wolfman

    No growth in this one. Again it was marked wrong. Plus a shrinking man was never, is not and will never ever be giantess. Nuff said.

  • Morstle

    What bothers me is that nearly every comic here spends most of its space on growth. Yeah growth is well and good but it seems every comic is about growth. Now this one has the guy shrinnk which is fine and all cause she is a giantess by comparisson but most of the time most of the pages are dedicated to the growing process. Seriously have the giantess either already be a giantess or the guy already shrunk or at least spend a lot less time on the process of growing/shrinnking and get on to the giantess/tinyman action. This site is not Try more story and less build up. Throw some vore (eating of timy man or woman) up in these storys. The closest we have so far is the Red Pill story and that was only a dream and you really dont see that much. Step up the game guys really.

  • dre308

    I enjoyed the story. I think it was misclassified, but It worked for me. I liked the idea that instead of the guy getting terrifed by being shrunk,and being at his teachers feet, he got turned on. It was a good twist, and the teacher responded accordingly. Face it guys, if most of us who are into this fetish would have been in that position we would have done the same thing. My only beef is I would have rather seen more foot fucking then shoe humping. But that’s just me.

  • Phoenix8

    This comic gives a whole new meaning to the word growth…

  • coco123

    0/10 Not interesting

  • Dilandau

    Like the others, I’m here for giantesses, not shrinking men.

    This site simply is far too expensive for the amount and the average quality of the material we’re given. There have been some gems, but for this price, it’s not enough.

  • blackice

    Now dont get me wrong I’m a bug fan of the author, and dose several very good comic about giantess. But this has nothing in it about growing and has everything about shirking. It’s a good story line but not for me.

  • eur0pa7

    it showed more shrinking as compared to growing

  • Roaklin

    Eh…starting to get annoyed at the quality control issues this site is having. One good three bad one good then two bad kinda thing.

  • endlrls

    Concept is cool. Probably not enough growth (if any) for some people. Good to see more recent artwork up. Thanks

  • flavioca

    Comic interesting but has no growth.
    = (
    The site is for comics growth rather than shrinkage. Comics as “MULTI”, “PMD”, “PROGRESS” and “GILF” is 5 stars but “Discipline” is just one star.

  • trout105

    weak! i paid for big giantesses grow and fucking and growing

  • liquidz

    Ended right where it got good