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Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Hernan Cabrera , Mariano Navarro
Release date:  October 7, 2009


Age Rating



There’s money to be made in destruction. All it takes is finding the right crew, the right equipment, and the right “talent” to get the job done.



  • lhg1985

    Great! Can someone please write and illustrate a comic where a woman wants to grow tall for her husband so she buys growth pills from an internet site. She then ignores the instructions and takes the entire bottle, not only does she do that but she eats a big mcdonalds meal and milkshake to wash the pills down. When she gets home and proceeds to have sex with her husband she starts to get fat and tall at the same time, and her husban loves it and wants her to get bigger and fatter.

  • ikarus90

    Very nice growth artwork. Especially the one with her towering over the guy. Would like to see where this one goes from here.

  • flux2187


  • DJRamon9

    This is my favorite comic on the site. Great work!

  • astyanax

    Excellent art work as always from Mariano and Herman. Very nice growth sequence. I can’t wait for the prequel/sequel. How did the heroine develop her growth ability? What is her personal life like? Lots of possibility for continuation here.

  • Disthron

    I thought this one was ok, I liked the idea of a giantess making movies and using her talents. That panel where you can see she’s growing between floors is pretty cool.

  • kobe77

    Love female growth. So hot! The bigger the better and more growth is always good.

  • g30rg13


  • Nherpie

    The way the giantess’s body grew throughout the structure destroying floor after floor until the building crumbled was quite nice in this one. I would even say I like it even more then clothing shredding. After all while clothes shredding tends to be nice I find the destruction of a concrete structure simply by existing within it is a far more effective display of power then fabric tearing.

    The giantess’s smiling as she looked down at her assailant was quite nice as well. Though given that it appears to be a staged event I wonder what her relationship with her fellow actor may be perhaps after the initial scenes they could have some interaction?

    From the dialogue and the warnings I get the ideal that she’s new to making such videos though. After all I don’t see someone who’d done such acts before as needing a warning. If so I have to wonder if they give their actresses after the shoot time to enjoy their size for a while.

  • WaffleX

    Very well done!

  • beguy200

    excellent comic especially the end.

  • alexis32

    Great story. I like so much growth action.

  • bigpanda

    Cool comic. Why was this site never advertised? I found it while randomly surfing some other site. and the plus is PORTALCOMICS doing most of the artwork!

  • lordfuzz

    Ah special effects…when will viewers learn :)

  • qzar9999

    Another quality illustration of a beautiful woman in a growth sequence. Nice. I also liked the concept.

  • beguy200

    this was fantastic. Vergy good story great graphics. and The end just marvelous.

  • wolfman

    Very cool and sexy.
    I wonder how this could continiue.

  • mtm2009

    Very enjoyable but short. There’s no origin story, the giantess starts with her ability to grow. But an Excellent use of a ‘real world growing woman’ and how she could use her ability without getting attacked by the military.

  • qzar9999

    ‘Nother good growth sequence, with another hot chick, and as usual the illustrators did a great job.

  • zarkorr

    Excellent story.

  • ktantan

    Excellent comics !!! great story line and wonderful erotic art !