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Big Debut

Big Debut

Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Release date:  September 16, 2009


Age Rating



Advertising is big business, and Brian Arkham has the biggest product debut of them all. But was testing experimental technology on a person whilst placing them in a crowded downtown city block the best plan?



  • Godzilla55555

    Good art to bad it ended to soon.

  • Magnifyl

    Overall, a great comic with a satisfying ending. Given that the growth formula (or variations of it) have apparently gotten into the hands of other people, I would love to see sequel stories that take place in this setting.

  • pillager

    Great ending!

    I love the improvised clothing the giantesses wore. Nice fights, pretty good overall!

    Please stick a fork in PMD. I’d love to see continuations of GILF, New Guardian, & yeah Chubby Chews kind of grew on me, too. ;)

    Jacolyn Beanstalk sounds cool, I just hope there’s plenty of hot sex.

  • rambojambo1

    Meh it had to be finished. A little taste of massive city fighting and it was good. Make sure you don’t ruin PMD ending.

  • papayoya

    Good update. Unfortunately, every single update seems to be focused on having someone growing and starting with the giantess action. The update then finishes and you wait for the next one to see a full issue focused on giantess action, but somehow, you end up having another growth scene and a couple of pages of giantess.

    This is not a Growth focused site but a Giantess site and I would love to see some giantess focused comics with the same level of quality than the growth ones that keep being published.

  • 2dollars

    Well done! Keep up the updates!

  • Magnifyl

    I loved seeing a new chapter of this story- please consider finishing it and some of the others (like PMD) before starting a new series.

  • rambojambo

    Yeah Dam straight, tear the city a new backside trying to find one hehe! Brilliant! There is a certain theme that is coming together in your continuation and I can’t actually wait for the next one. I was giving up on this site and now I’m starting to regret thinking such things.

    I Prefere you to continue the following:
    – Above the law
    – PMD
    – Big Debut
    – Acsension
    – Peak Shift
    – Flight Hazard
    – Ascension
    Or any other comics in which you invision mass or giantic destruction.

    I really do believe that you could also increase your comic base, customer base and turn over of comics by having a system in which you open the chance of having additional donations for specific, randomly selected or publically approved comics. I for one would put my money in any of the ones above.

  • pillager

    Very nice work. Grabs your attention & don’t relent.

    I’m now very interested in this series.

  • bgmon7xx

    The best yet, I wish they were longer but I know a lot of work goes into these. Thank you so much for the post. Great job all and story is sexy.

  • trout105aaa

    keep’em coming

  • Webspidr

    I agree with pillager. No pleasurable growth or sex in this unfortunately, which is a downer for me. The masturbation scene last issue was at least okay though. :)

  • pillager

    Growth is good, but hot GTS sex is what gives me the wood.

    Please let us have more salacious content!

  • Trigger

    hmm, are the blue flip flops a forshadowing of a growth? it would be cool if her feet grew first :)

  • marshall_jackhammer

    I like the way it’s slightly more realistic, it’s not a case of every hot woman suddenly growing. If a technology like this was invented it probably would be limited like that, which adds to the realism which makes the fantasy just that bit sweeter.
    Also like the revenge working through the daughter rather than the obvious direct route. Nice.

  • sigurpol

    Awesome development! Can’t wait to see what’s next this month

  • bluedog

    Part 2 was great,I am really glad their are continuing this one the way they are.I can’t wait to see what part 3 will be like.

  • pillager

    What a nice surprise!

    I’d never have expected a sequel.

    Great art & a pretty spiffy story to boot.

    Kudos & 5 stars!

  • Crimson

    Please continue

  • robertHA

    Is there supposed to be another chapter updated on this? Because it is up at the top of the homepage? Just curious because I got excited and then it said there was still only one chapter? Just curious thanks!

  • laminar

    Excellent comic and the artwork is great. Would like to see more. Even though she says limited use of the technology, it’ll be more likely that crimes and other things may be committed with it and it would be fun to see cops and robbers involving giantesses.

  • lhg1985

    Great! Can someone please write and illustrate a comic where a woman wants to grow tall for her husband so she buys growth pills from an internet site. She then ignores the instructions and takes the entire bottle, not only does she do that but she eats a big mcdonalds meal and milkshake to wash the pills down. When she gets home and proceeds to have sex with her husband she starts to get fat and tall at the same time, and her husban loves it and wants her to get bigger and fatter.

  • miketee1

    Great beginning to a great story!

  • Disthron

    I quite liked this one. I thought the model was really cute. I particularly liked the last panel on page 9 where she’s now a bit self-conscious about here size. I also liked the scenes where she’s carefully making her way through the city. The ending opens up another opportunity for a good giantess fight. The guy seeks vengance so he grows another woman, hell maybe he grows himself, goes on a rampage and a giantess comes to kick his ass.

  • markosp

    I like the comic I understand it takes a long time to do this work but for the price to get on this site is alittle high for what little work is done. Now dont get upset I think the artwork the comics are 100% sexy and badass but! The price and what little work is on here I think my rating there is really very low.

  • MK7000

    I would like to her seen her with higher skirt and bear foot and bigger chest.

    I didn’t like the part where she was sitting. I like seeing them standing, walking around and looking down at everyone.

    It would have been nice to see more full body shots of her from different angles including POV.

    Maybe even have her wreck a building or about to sit on a ship in the water.

  • alexis32

    I like the fashion concept. I hope to see more giants models in the next part.

  • wolfman

    Excellent first chapter.

  • qzar9999

    While I’d have liked to see more growth (and naturally I prefer to see ’em busting out of clothes), I still think this was pretty good. Terrific artwork, nice setup for more chapters, and the giantess was almost…cute. I also liked that, “Oops, she’s still growing” moment near the end.

  • scherma

    the art work is really good in this piece. A nice set up chapter. It will be interesting to see what revenge will happen next chapter.