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Bad Chemistry
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Bad Chemistry

Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Post
Release date:  January 1, 2021


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Jeff needs to get over his ex-girlfriend. His friend dragged him out to the bar in an attempt to cheer him up and get him back into the dating scene. Reluctantly, Jeff agrees to chat up the next girl who walks in, without knowing what to expect. Suddenly, Vanessa arrives at the bar, and Jeff has no choice but to take a chance on this busty hourglass dream girl! Things go well, and it seems like Jeff is in for a wild night of fun! Little does he know, outlandish curves like that don’t come naturally, and Vanessa has a few dark things in mind for their time together!

Official Publisher's Review

Bad Chemistry has the classic setup of a down on his luck guy who gets pushed outside his comfort zone by his best friend. We’ve all been there, and it’s good to take a chance…most of the time! This story is quickly turned upside down when the pair gets back to Vanessa’s place. With a bit of bondage and female domination, Vanessa recounts to Jeff just how she developed her monster curves, right before he gets a surprise of his own! Jeff learns the hard way that you should probably get to know a girl before jumping the gun! Also, a big shout out to Post, our new artist that is making his debut with us!



  • revofev

    Waiting for the next episode

  • Chalker04280

    I cant say enough good about this story, awesome potential, a mad scientist with an instant curvy potion using it on her new semi submissive boyfriend. One has to wonder if there is a series of threesomes in their future, voluntary and involuntary ?. Awesome artwork too, I love seeing a woman with a bottom that matches, or exceeds, her top. We need more artwork like that around here. Thanks, and thanks again, best story and art in forever.