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Written by:  Fahzbehn
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  January 3, 2018


Age Rating



When Sandi, a sex-bot, has a malfunction that grants her self-awareness, she flees from the syndicate that made her.  An escaped sex-bot, she falls for Damien, a roguish starship captain and pirate, who rescues her from an existence as a slave for the crime syndicate.  When she realizes that he wants a smart girl that acts dumb, Sandi’s body grows and she starts speaking “bimbo”, becoming his dream girl.  She stays metallic looking until waking up, finding she now has human looking synth-skin, and finding out that the captain made a deal with the syndicate, buying her and freeing her.

Official Publisher's Review

A quick one shot into the Science Fiction genre, the story starts slow and sets the stage for SANDI, the Sexually Adaptable Nubile Device Interface, to become her hero’s most intimate desire: a busty bimbo who’s only a brainless play thing on the surface.  Much like many of Fahzbehn’s works, this story has plenty of action, big tits, and lust filled sex scenes.  If you’ve enjoyed his other works, this story is sure to satisfy your craving for big tit bimbo sex.