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Ayers’ Folly

Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Lisa Lamhut
Release date:  September 16, 2009


Age Rating



A military experiment goes horribly wrong, causing a female soldier to uncontrollably grow. A specialist is brought in to cure the giantess, but his internal desires for her leads to the ultimate folly in judgment.



  • med727

    nice body exploration story.

  • raegoil1

    This comic has a good art style, an exceptional storyline(it was explained well), plus it provided me with enough information/images to really be and feel like a complete episode. I anticipate seeing another good addition to this site like this one!

  • pillager

    Nice change of pace.

    Logical conclusion.

    A sequel would rock!

  • trout105

    Great growth and back story

  • deadlois

    This is my favorite comic in the club. I might be in the minority here but I give a big thumbs up for more body exploration and definitely more insertion!

  • lhg1985

    Great! Can someone please write and illustrate a comic where a woman wants to grow tall for her husband so she buys growth pills from an internet site. She then ignores the instructions and takes the entire bottle, not only does she do that but she eats a big mcdonalds meal and milkshake to wash the pills down. When she gets home and proceeds to have sex with her husband she starts to get fat and tall at the same time, and her husban loves it and wants her to get bigger and fatter.

  • MK7000

    I would have liked to see her do some dancing in the city and sank a ship at sea instead of playing with the whale.

  • Morstle

    Im entirely with geegee on the “crunch and munch” comment. I like Giantess content and the art is great but… this site advertised vore… It implied that she ate a sperm whale but… what a waste. Wouldnt it have been better for her to feel the little hitchhikeing pervert inside her, fish him out, and have her devour him instead? You know… and actually see her do it. Good comics though but I’d like to see some of that vore they promissed.

  • Disthron

    I have to say, I did enjoy the body exploration parts of this comic. But when she went all evil and crazy I’m glad she was killed. Too many times giantesses are just invincible. I would have liked to see her actually die though. You know, see the jets blowing gaping holes in her, I mean you’d think with something that huge there’d at least be some blood. Just look at what the Stay Puff March mellow guy left behind.

    Anyway, I hope if this continues the next giantess dose not go insane. Of if there is a group of giantesses maybe some could go bad and some could be good, then they could have an epic battle!

  • MK7000

    I generally liked it but I wanted to see more pictures of her full body standing while people below her were looking up at her.

    More pictures of her full body from all angles in a city or by houses would be good.

    Evne pictures of most of her body in the water near a ship scaring the people on the ship would have been good.

  • Nherpie

    The art work was quite well done and I liked that the military responded in a logical manner. They didn’t set around and wait for the problem to get worse but acted in a logical if perhaps not ethical way assuming immediately that she meant harm to those around her and wasn’t only being influenced from the long period of sedation.

    However, I can’t really give the story a good review. The guy took advantage of a woman who was sedated and thus not in her right mind. As far as I’m concerned taking advantage of such a person would be rape. I also prefer the ideal of interaction between the giantess and regular people far more then just exploration of a limp landscape no matter how pleasant it may be.

    It probably doesn’t help that I was hoping for a gentle story with the giantess and smaller person enjoying each other.

  • doctor

    This was the best! I really liked the Gozilla-esuqe size !

  • assdog

    I love the comic but I HOPE to see some muscle growth along with the giantess growth on the girls in up coming comics.

  • geegee

    Although body exploration is not my thing, the artwork was very good and it’s set up for a good second chapter! I hope to see more destruction or “crunch and munch” so to speak in the next chapters :)

  • qzar9999

    Good artwork, and, of course, I liked the growth process being shown.