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Ashly gets Jizzed by Jazz

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  April 16, 2012


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



Jazzmin has always been blessed with the perfect body for being a real slut, and unlike a lot of girls, she is dedicated to that lifestyle. Her younger cousin Ashly is equally as interested in being a better and more open slut, simply enjoying her body and those of any guy she can find willing to have some fun. Unfortunately the family competition is getting a bit more intense as Jazzmin has been plotting and planning to remain queen of the sluts in her family. The arrival of a new man in Ashly’s life, a writer of erotic stories who promises to help the younger girl be the slut she always has wanted to be, puts Jazzmin over the edge. Using dark magic and a simple hair off Ashly’s head, Jazzmin simultaneously curses her cousin and blesses herself so that every time Ashly swallows the seed of any man, it will instead go into Jazzmin, causing her already massive chest to swell even more. Meanwhile, Ashly will shrivel up and become a gaunt stick figure, losing what curves she has and hopefully finishing her slut ambitions before they even begin.