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An April Birthday

An April Birthday

Written by:  QuasiIncognito
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  February 24, 2016


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



All day, things had gone wrong for April, her birthday is a complete disaster by now. April stood before her birthday cake, all 18 candles lit. She thought about her wish and so as the song ended she blew out the candles. She made her wish, on a lark, that for the next 24 hours everything she said would turn out to be true.

Official Publisher's Review

In this opportunity “QuasiIncognito″ BEArchive’s story was illustrated by J.J. McQuade to bring it to The Breast Expansion Story Club readers!

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    Hi again! Now we can set a custom preview file so the 4 page limitation is gone. We are updating all the illustrated stories published within the last year this week.

  • hughjass1872

    Alright, so i know that you can only show four pages of the comic, and the first 2 pages are the cover and the information, but the last two pages dont show anything. Is there a passibility that we could get some pics in there?

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      Hi! This happens only with illustrated stories since they have most of the pages with text only an just 5 illustrations along the whole story. That’s why we create the featured image on each new story so you can have a sneak peak of what’s inside.

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