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Amazons v Satyrites: First Contact

Written by:  Miz Chrissy
Release date:  October 2, 2020


Science Fiction
Age Rating



Thousands of years in the future humanity has spread throughout the galaxy. Star spanning civilizations have risen and fallen and now entire societies of humans are drastically physically different from eachother,

Case in point: the Amazons and the Satyrites.

The Amazons are almost and entirely female culture of warriors, born in gestation tanks and concieved by genetically engineered sperm and eggs. They have lost almost all secondary sexual characteristics and have little to no interest in pleasures of the flesh.

The Satyrites, on the other hand, are the opposite. Men and women are hypersexualized, their eroginous organs grown to impressive proportions. Women exist only to breed and to give men sexual joy. They are cherished, having no tasks to perform but the carnal, and occasional tour guide duties.

When Captain and Althea and her crew approach the vast cloud that they do not know exists to defend the as yet unmet Satyrites beyond, it reaches out to actively defend against their approach. Badly damaged, their ship is escorted by the locals through the cloud and to the orbital city that is the largest community in the Paradiso system. Soon, however, the station’s life support has a strange effect on the the captain and her crew, making them experience something no Amazon has in a thousand years.