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Air Pollution

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Illustrated by:  SCO
Release date:  September 21, 2012


Breast Expansion
Age Rating



It’s a quiet late fall day and the town is generally quiet and peaceful, save for the sportscar that seems to be wildly careening around corners and generallly polluting the air not just with the noise from its powerful engine. The man driving it doesn’t seem to mind and simply seems clueless that as he revs the engine, thick exhaust is released and some of the local townsfolk are getting lungfuls of whatever fuel this car is burning.

It isn’t like any other car most have seen, but as they find themselves struggling to caugh or breathe, they also find that more becomes polluted than simply the air. Deeply hidden perverse fantasies unravel, ones no one would consider normal or take action on, and yet the sportscar seems to be releasing more than fumes. The woman are perhaps where the biggest change comes, as they find breathing to be a growing challenge, growing in the sense that they literally feel their mind growing dim as their chest begins to tighten with every breath.

In the end, a new car dealership may just have a successful start in marketing their product, but the town might never be the same.



  • tomsketchit

    Best thing I ever bought from you guys. It’s perfect in every way. The art is some of the best I’ve seen on any story or comic, there’s a perfect balance between story and smut, each little ministory is just long enough and gets it’s own picture perfectly capturing the moment. This is the one purchase I did not regret in some way when I was done with it. Heck, of all the things I’ve gotten, I still come back to this the most, because damn it it is hot as hell.

    Also, why hasn’t this artist gotten more work? He is phenomenally good, and yet he’s illustrated so few stories. And why is this the only story to get the 1nc3st tag? I see plenty of other stories on this and the other sites with 1nc3st content. Why aren’t they marked more often? I mean heck, how am I supposed to know they have 1nc3st if you don’t tell me?

    Anyway, I’m done giving my two cents. Best thing you guys have produced, only problem is that I wish it was longer, had more. Hell, I’d love to see this as a series, or to have a sequel to it. I want more from this world. All the other things pale in comparison.

    So yeah, like, 9/10, wish this story was more than a one-shot.

    • BotComics Marketing

      Hi! We already answered you by email. 1nc3st word is forbbiden by our payment processor and the credit card companies, that’s why we can’t use it as tag.