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Above the Law

Above the Law

Written by:  Bob Saget
Illustrated by:  Chris Flash , Peter Logan
Characters:  Tessa
Release date:  August 12, 2010

Ironically-named convict Megan Small is just trying to survive behind bars, but when she’s accidentally exposed to an experimental military gas she starts to grow, becoming not only hugely powerful but sexually insatiable. But although Megan’s rampage is cathartic, she soon learns that the authorities are not unprepared for a giantess on the loose. After a dramatic battle, the situation is resolved… or is it?

Official Publisher's Review

Everybody loves a good women-in-prison story, from the character-centered drama of something like “Orange is the New Black” to something less cerebral like Caged Heat. It’s no surprise, therefore, that writer Bob Saget, artist Peter Logan, and colorist/letterer Chris Flash have tackled this theme in Above the Law, a hyper-violent, hyper-sexual look at what happens when the passions and furies of women behind bars grow to superhuman size.



  • ding_dong

    A excellent story, very nice art work. needs more growth details.

  • pillager

    I have no trouble with how this story ended. Once Megan hit ‘Mega giantess’ status I knew the third act was upon us. There is no tension or conflict once a giantess grows over say, 250 feet, and can safely ignore whatever the military throws at her. There really isn’t anywhere for the narrative to go.

    BTW, when is the Discussion Forum going to be up and running?

  • goddess

    Awesome story and great ending! Artwork only complimented the writing! Thanks.

  • vel100

    Great story that was consistantly awesome from beginning to end! Keep up the great work and our ladies growing bigger and bigger. Would like to see if nothing else a follow up chapter some day to see how the reign of Megan ended up going or if she continued to grow more into her goddess role.

  • rambojambo1

    Brilliant attempt at an ending. Even though I love this style of ending, it turned out to be a rush job like PMD chapters 1 and 3. You have a brilliant series of events that start the chapter off and then you have the second series of events but what happens as soon as the general gets smashed up the story is then rushed out. What was needed was more scenes between Megan going from smashing the general to grabbing the bridge. This could be seeing the bridge, a growing walk/run through the city towards the bridge and a jump into the river (taking out a port or a few boats at least) before she grabs the bridge. A few more scenes would of finished off the section which would of been her crashing on top of a cluster of skyscrapers after the coming scene with the possibility of a another growth spurt in which she bulldozes building over, just like in PMD part three when she out grows the area, before the amazing scene.

    Really the biggest problem with this comic is the restarts. The whole story could of been 4 parts long and with just megan. In the story, megan, would of been up for release however her action at the prison was the reason for her extended time in prison. You would of saved 2 months of comic creation and extended your website.

    – You need to stop with random restarts
    – You need to stop rushing the end of the scene

  • mangarx

    Loved it!
    All the way though… Sequel would be nice. I mean other girls have gotten bigger… so… heck it could be totally unrelated and just have the character in a different story.
    Don’t let them get to you the growth at the end was a little too quick but it was a good ending.

  • blackice

    This had great art, great sorry line, awesome growth through out the comic but the not a great ending at all. it was a real let down to have suck a great growth comic come to a bad ending!

  • Amazon12

    I only want to know, is there going to be a sequel? After all, what happened to the other ladies(are they going to grow again)???

  • Magnifyl

    I had to deduct a star for that ending. Sorry.

    Much like Peak Shift, this had an awesome beginning and middle, an interesting premise, fantastic artwork… and an abrupt finale. I’m not of the opinion that these stories should have be perpetual by any stretch but the endings seem a bit rushed, like you’re a hurry to wrap things up.

  • bgmon7xx

    A second great comic that went from a climax to a fizzle. Always great art work, but your stories well…

  • pillager

    Epic Ending!! Thank you for all your fine work.

    “Do you want more continuations or a new publication?”

    The conclusion of PMD, Another chapter of GILF, Little Hero, Chubby Chews & New Guardian would also be great.

    Also, Jacolyn Beanstalk sounds intriguing. I’m willing to give it a chance.

  • papayoya

    Great chapter. Finally some giantess action, even if short. I would love to see more continuations to this comic with more action from Megan in her current size (too bad she did not get to stay in the mega but not giga size a while more). I think it’s best to keep a few stories that keep evolving and showing action rather than starting all stories from scratch, with just growth.

  • bluedog

    Megan got mega!!!
    This has been one of my favorite comic’s on this site.Thanks so much for putting out this awesome comic!

  • Pantherdx5

    Great comic, lots of growth and size comparisons, would love to see the girls have more growth spurts after their huge size outgrowing each other in their catfights.

  • Gho5t82

    Love this series. The growths are done perfectly and the clothes tearing is spot on.

  • fireman6

    Awesome work!! She needs to destroy all the military has to throw at her!

  • Warrior

    Would love to see Megan keep growing till she wipes her feet with the city!! Would definitely love to see more this comic no matter what!!

  • pillager

    Excellent work!!

  • blakhart

    AWESOME!!!! The latest update is one of the reasons I continue with the site!! I don’t want it to end but can’t wait to see how it does!!

  • Kwasch69

    This is BY FAR the best comic on this website. Great story please continue!

  • pillager


    You all have truly outdone yourselves.

    Here’s to hoping Megan’s still “contagious” & wants to get a gang to together.

  • bgmon7xx

    What would be interesting is if Megan infected the court transcriber and made her grow into a giantess who loved her new size and joined Megan in taking over (with some love scenes of course).

  • rambojambo

    This is brilliant stuff. Whether it was my (or maybe others I don’t know) demand of completing perivous comics or your grand scheme of things, but you are starting to produce some fantastic build ups and micro finishes to comics. Please keep up this work. I would of course still stress that the comic length is still short in comparison to amount of story told but the necessity of quality over quantity is always needed and I praise you still.

    Back to the story at hand. May I say that this potential continue is cracking up for a brutal ending for the poor old city that dared refused the rights of the prisoner freedom when she was told on the day of her sentence. Excellent show and I can’t wait… literally and I hope you don’t pull a PMD on us and ruin it by not continuing the mayhem on the doom metropolis. There wouldn’t be enough stars to rate it if you completed that comic and this one.

  • xiamorte

    Wow, Chapter VI was awesome. That’s by far the best update you guys have ever done. I really hope you guys can keep up this trend of improvement, this month has been amazing.

  • bgmon7xx

    I loved the ending and Megan never looked better :P. Hopefully this means the rest of the girls regain their sizes since the antidote didn’t seem to work permanently. This is really gotten good, thank you again folks and more updates please more often, I would antee up myself. Put a poll down. As longs as they are like Peak Shift, PMD or Above the Law, I say weekly would be AWESOME!!!!! Why not $29.95 per month for 3 or 4 updates?

  • kenji1

    Amazing, I just want this to go on and on for ever! It leaves me champing at the bit for each new release!!

  • Amazon12

    Never end this one. Keep it GROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pillager

    Great work all around!!

    Here’s hoping that they kiss & make up.

  • rambojambo

    Absolutely brilliant so far. You’ve set it up for a killer continue. Well I hope that they grow bigger to above sky scraper level and have a battle royal in a city using everything you can think of… a king of the monster style battle but with enormous sex. Godzilla doesn’t have any but beautiful women such as the ones you draw do :D

  • Clerical

    Just read everything released so far. Great stuff. Keep up the good work and any chance we might see an extra large giantess in our future?

  • blakhart

    Newest update is in..cred..ible!!!! Would have like it if the black giantess had picked up her girlfriend and tasted her pussy? Or played with her a little before continuing with the blonde giantess….

  • pillager

    I love where this is going…

    Great work all around!

  • jruss

    Really well done. Some very cool angle choices.

  • eur0pa7

    like to see how that redhead grows

  • bgmon7x


  • disher

    this comic just gets better and better at every chapters !!!!

  • 2dollars

    Thanks everyone I will be sure to keep the story rolling. And the suggestions will be taken into consideration! Keep on reviewing!

  • slinger

    Love this story line. the multiple giantess in part 3 is great. would love to see this and “peak shift” as parts of that double feature we were promised a while ago.

  • goolly

    This is really a great series. Please continue it (and get it done a bit faster than usual postings).

  • jennilee

    This is the stuff I like, could be more to my liking if the first giantess was’nt so easaly overpowered. I like rampaiging giantess to be superpowerfull, and naughty, I liked the way she had her way with the two guards, would have liked to see her do that with army soldiers, force them to tickle her with their guns and then humilliate them by using them as as dildo’s. I would love to see a giantess have her way with a army tank, she would have to be invulnerable to it’s weppons and strong enough to overpower the machine with ease, I would like to see the giantess use the cannon as a dildo and when the terified tank crew fire it into her invulnerable body, she would be dissapointed and haughty making comments to the men about going off to soon and not hard enough, while grinding the and crushing the war machine benieth her crotch to mangled scrap.

  • blakhart

    The newest chapter has me wanting more!!! Hoping for a battle of giant escapees while the guards are confused and turned on…

  • KA2010

    I love the story so far. I would love to see a few of the female prison guards affected as well.

  • Webspidr

    Great growth scene! I like the new chapter and giantess, but more vagina-wetting sex please! ^_~

  • gigaglvr

    All of the stories are great..But do yo have to leave in suspense?..Do all of the chapters at once!please.

  • gigaglvr

    All of the stories are great..But do yo have to leave in suspense?..Do all of the chapters at once!please.

  • gigaglvr

    All of the stories are great..But do yo have to leave in suspense?..Do all of the chapters at once!please.

  • gotits1

    Want more giant prisoners!

  • pillager

    OH YEAH!!

    Thank you for keeping a great story going.

    Suspense, mystery & scorching hot growth.

    Just the right combo of plot & pr0n.

    I’m hooked.

  • bluedog

    I was not expecting a third issue of this,after the second issue had “the end” after it.But I am really glad to see this one continued,I love the growth and the interaction.More please.

  • blakhart

    One of my favorites!!! When will there be a new chapter?

  • Disher

    Please tell me there’s going to be a part 3!!!

  • Nctrnl

    great work!!! only wish is that there was more focus on her growing feet bursting out of her shoes. great work either way. can only hope for a sequel involving the flight attendent? :D

  • 2dollars

    lol Bob Saget is just pen name like 2dollars. Im glad ya guys likes it il b sure to continue:D

  • LeoFosse

    Bob Saget? The guy from Full House?

  • pillager


    This story is the reason I joined this site.

    Please continue this narrative.

    I’d love to see a few giantesses team up on a guard.

  • Disher

    love the second part!! and the ending that let’s you see a following is great too!!

  • DarkQuaz

    Wow! this is the best one so far! The artwork is gorgeous and the plot is fun. The only thing that could make this better is if she got the chance to burst out from inside the building. Maybe in the sequel? Excellent work!

  • Magnifyl

    Really enjoyed this one- great art, good growth sequences.

  • dre308

    Dindinately one of the best start I have seen on this site. Can’t wait to see what happens next

  • deandre

    this is a new setting for a story. keep it up.

  • slinger

    love the growth and the idea. would like to see more of the women at the prison grow too and have a big jail break.

  • robertHA

    Put part two up!! Cant wait.

  • fireman6

    Absolutely LOVE IT!!! Its great to see a gorgeous giantess getting into her evil side and still growing.

  • eur0pa7

    she just loves her growth

  • brickxbo

    Yeah I really hope this one continues! Put all others on the back burners and keep this one going! This is one the first ones since Fable that I’ve actually been excited for :p

  • harrygag

    Yes! Great Idea! Angry Girls are so sexy!

  • brickxbo

    neeeed to continue this! awesome! :D

  • Hendoo

    Easily 5 stars

  • suciogui

    love the growth in this comic

  • deandre


  • bobalot

    Excellent so far, bravo!
    I hope she isn’t done growing yet. I can’t wait to see what you guys do with this one so many possibilities.


  • Amazon12

    Love it already. Keep it growing, I mean going.

  • Disher

    good growth in this one!! cant wait what she’ll do next!

  • flavioca


  • bluedog

    This is awesome!!!!!
    I actually used to(still do) have this fantasy myself.I couldn’t be happier to see this comic made.

    “All guards! R-R-Red alert! Crazy shit is happening!”
    Love it!

    please continue with more of this.

  • alexis32

    I love it.
    Growth action. Sexy girl
    Please I would like to see the second part the next update.

  • wolfman

    A convict giantess?
    That has potential, MUCH potential!