Archive: November 2003

  • Free

    Going Down

    Doug, a veteran chater pilot, finds himself stranded on a remote island after his plane suffers a catastrophic failure. Stuck with him on the island are two beautiful female clients, who both seem to have a strange reaction to the odd vegetation. Will this modern-day Robinson Caruso find a way off the island? With two rapidly-expanding bosomy women stuck with him, will he even make an attempt at excape?
    Written by:  Gunslinger
    Release date:  November 1, 2003
     Tags: Science
  • Aspects and attributes

    When her great-grandmother passes away, Tera receives a cryptic letter from her grandmother?s estate ? requesting her to return to her ancestral home on the eve of her 21st birthday. It is there that Tera uncovers the truth about herself, her family, and her grandmother?s secret. Follow Tera?s adventure as she discovers the magic of Valehaven. Aspects & Attributes is followed by Brassieres & Bad Attitudes.
    Written by:  Gunslinger
    Release date:  November 15, 2003
     Tags: Lactation