The New Heaven (PUBLISHED)

by kong

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This is my idea for a several part comic , I hope you make it and I’m sure everyone will like it ^_^
it’s a general idea ,but you can add more details yourself !

” we have a family with 4 member , mother 38 years old and 5 ft , father 40 years old and 6 ft , daughter 21 years old and 5’6″ and son is 19 years old and 5’6″ .
mom is weak and short and she needs help for some works in kitchen and … . boy love her mother and one night he wishes his mother become more bigger !
later , in the morning when he wake up , he see new changes in the world !
yes , his mom has grown but not only her , all females have grown taller and hotter but with a little difference , adult females ( mothers and milfs ) are now 11-12 ft tall and young females ( daughters and girls ) are 6-7 ft tall in whole world !
his mom is now 12 ft and his sister 7 ft tall and he like it !

now you can continue the story in some parts ; chapter 1-2 in home , chapter 3 in school where a 12 ft milf teacher is in class room and girls are 6-7 ft tall and boys are normal size .
chapter 4 in the city street and park , chapter 5 in sport place , chapter 6 in the office with a mini giantess milf boss and …

these are sample images for the size ratios :

thanks a lot !