PMD Side Story

by Ajerro

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I’ve finished PMD a while ago, and an idea came to mind if you would allow it.

This story takes place after the comic. Reports are coming in about a massive gathering of supplies deep within North Korea. A soldier is sent behind enemy lines and discovers a legion of troops and weapons getting ready to make a big push forward to crush the South. As soon as the soldier begins to radio his findings, he is captured.
Soon, the military dispatches the five heroines who put an end to the People of Mass Destruction war. Once in enemy territory, the women use the PMD gel Mk II, an improvement over the first one and get real big. The North Korean army fights them futilely, while the male soldier escapes from prison to help put in his effort.

After all is said and done, the girls find the male solder and all parties congratulate on one another as the male soldier rides into the setting sun with the five mega giantess women.

It’s kind of tame, but its just a suggestion.