Plastic Plague (PUBLISHED)

by vulcanraven1983

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A nanite virus known as Plastic Plague that was originally designed as a weapon to manifest on its victims worst fears (by transforming them into their worst fear) is reverse engineered into a weapon that does the exact opposite; making its victims into their own idea of the ultimate sexual partner. The hero or rather anti hero is someone who is obsessed with fantasy women that heavily cater several fetishes including mini-gts, Penis expansion, Breast expansion, and freakishly long tongues. Through his journey our hero experiences his own transformation and that of his female companions who slowly become his own stable of ultimate fantasy busty women. Set in the near future our hero and his companions must stop an evil Gothic female shape shifter who is obsessed about being the ultimate living sex doll of every BE loving man’s fantasy. She is determined to unleash the virus on the world to wreak total chaos. In her own twisted mind she wants to warp the rest of the world so our hero has no choice but to accept her as the last “normal” being on earth. Our hero’s affection for the villainess deepens through out this twisted tale of sex, BE and transformations.