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Samantha is looking to earn some extra credits for her college courses. A naive sophomore, she heads to a summer internship at a farm upstate named “Bessy’s Acres.” Boring? Probably. But it’ll be routine for her and an easy job; traditional manual labor and chores. Growing up as a farmhand has already made her hands calloused and tough.

But there’s a major surprise is awaiting her. It’s an overwhelming discovery of exactly what kind of farm she’s stumbled upon. All around her are bovine women with gigantic jugs, leaking milk everywhere. They’re lounging in hot tubs drinking mimosas. They’re getting their hair and nails done at fancy salons. The volleyball games are pure erotic visual poetry. Bessy’s Acres is more of a luxury resort to these curvy women than a farm.

Samantha must quickly adapt to the job, tending to the women’s every need and being sure to milk them whenever needed… which is a lot apparently. Countless gallons of milk are produced and exported each day, so thick and creamy. And rule number one- none of the workers can drink any of it. It’s strictly forbidden to taste for some unknown reason. Unfortunately, Samantha learns this the hard way, instantly becoming hooked on it. Her addiction becomes obvious through her physical transformations.

It’s going to be an unforgettable summer, to say the least.

Idea by: deLonge