by hvgtd

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A High School graduate and his four friends, who all are girls for some reason, are playing a high magic RPG when one of the girls says she wishes that they could actually be their characters in the game. All of them, the guy included, have average physical properties and looks that just blend into the background in the real world. The guy plays a half-fey cleric dedicated to a nature deity in the game, with a charisma so high he’s considered highly attractive. One of the girls plays a sexy female wizard, with raven for a familiar. Another girl plays a hot paladin babe, whose armor actually hides her highly attractive figure. The third girl plays a super sexy eleven ninja babe, no seriously her character class really is a ninja. And girl number four, is playing their game master at the time, has a super hot half-elf bard chick. Just as they’re going getting ready to call it a night, putting away their starter level characters because it was their first session of new campaign. They suddenly get blinked into the game world as their characters. The setting is a magical apocalypse where modern society collapsed thousands of years ago when magic was reintroduced to the world. Now they need to campaign for real and defeat monsters, for some reason it seems to involve the kinky way most the time, and find magical items that can allow them to live really well in the world, getting home can come later. The real question they keep answering themselves is Why would they want to get home? The answer to that might be found in the lair of a powerful monster.

Will contain kinky elf moments, kinky dragon moments, and maybe some sex with various mythical creatures.