Vault 69 (Inspired in the video game Fallout)

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A story inspired in the awesome videogame Fallout.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world 200 years after the nuclear bombs fell, a young man has to go out of the safety of his Vault (Vault 69) to continue reproducing in order to maintain alive the lineage of his family. Sadly, inside the Vault 69, females are becoming sterile because of the increasing radiation. The only answer is to go outside.

Nobody in Vault 69 had reach the surface since the fallout, so nobody could tell him what was he going to see up there.

A story full of Giantesses, women the size of buildings, multiple breasts caused by radiation, Deathbreasts (instead of Deathclaws), Feral Bimbos (Instead of Feral Ghouls), Slut Raiders, farms of breast milk, sexy monsters, penis enlargement, survival, tons of sex, transformations caused by radiaton, and much more.

Author: Shoshanna P.