Bimbonic Plague

by hvgtd

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A tailored virus that someone was making on their own time with company resources gets discovered by his superiors, things don’t go well for him or 2 other people. In an effort to turn things in his favor he drugs the drinks of two of his superiors, only for their secretaries (one of whom is a guy) to drink them instead with predictable and not so predictable results. The female secretary transforms into a big breasted bimbo hungry for more than just food and the male secretary turns into a sex obsessed hyper male. Thankfully he made sure to ensure the virus wouldn’t spread through any means other than his direct exposure in consumed items. Unfortunately for him results in immediate firing, and the unwitting release of his tailored virus into the general population via their choice of disposal. Now the virus is in the wild and without a lab environment it has begun to mutate, in ways that should prove most erotic in several cases.

So now a virus that turns every woman into a bimbo with potentially different properties and guys into sex obsessed hyper males is on the loose, just what will be happening because of this?