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#2: The New Guardian

The New Guardian
Written by:  Lorekeep
Illustrated by:  Mariano Navarro , Hernan Cabrera
Release date:  April 27, 2012


Age Rating



The New Guardian is concluded as Crys and Ari together face off against some renegade loggers working for a man in black named Mr. Frost. Frost as his name implies is cold and calculating, only seeing this mysterious and large forest as potential for profit and since no one lays claim to it, and the small cabin on the edge of the forest where Crys is now staying is the only human structure, the equipment is moved in.

Crys must reach new heights and dimensions in her role as guardian to defend her home and the forest spirits from the evil logging crew and their mysterious if deadly Thumper, a machine that threatens to make quick work of the trees. The entire fate of the forest and the faith of the Elders is on Crys as only she can achieve a shape and size suitable to bring peace back to the forest. But will she do so by friendly negotiations or by force?

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